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salmon DNA si pi system

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Salmon DNA is an element called polynucleotide and is the basis for cell production. Salmon DNA obtained from the sperms of salmon fish proved in a short time that it is one of the most effective anti-aging ways.

Salmon DNA treatment makes our skin look brighter, fuller and younger by storing 10 thousand times more water than its own volume.

Salmon DNA Treatment consists of two scientific-based stages. With hyaluronic acid treatment, which is the first step, the moisture stability lost by your skin is regulated, while in the second step, salmon DNA and proteins required by the connective tissue such as elastin, collagen and fibronectin are restructured. All applications are applied in the middle of two weeks and take 4-6 sessions depending on the need.

An applied cure maintains its effect for approximately 1 year. However, in order for the effect of the treatment to be permanent and more complete, it is possible with follow-up sessions after 3 months and 6 months.

Pi system ;

In the regulation of skin structure,

Renewal, repair and rejuvenation of face, neck-decollete, hand and lip areas,

Lightening and restructuring of the eye area (removal of puffiness and dark circles)

In the treatment of stretch marks that occur during pregnancy and as a result of weight gain and loss,

In the treatment of hair regrowth,

In the treatment of acne scars,

It is used in the treatment of sagging and cracks in the inner arm and knee.

PI System opens existing fine wrinkles, beautifies the skin surface and prevents the formation of wrinkles, but does not have a filling feature.

The application is made with very fine needles. There is no need for anesthesia during the application. However, if needed, a painless and comfortable treatment can be performed with the help of local anesthetic creams.

The polynucleotides (Salmon DNA) and hyaluronic acid molecules that make up this protocol are completely natural elements of the body and are a patented technology developed by Mastelli Bio-Pharmaceutical. It does not have any toxic and side effects on your body.

After the salmon DNA application, business and social life can be continued. Only a slight redness, swelling and small bruises may occur on the skin. All of these reactions naturally pass in a few days. Can be covered with makeup

It can be combined with other aesthetic and antiaging applications. This prolongs the effectiveness and permanence of the treatments.

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