salmon dna vaccine

~~It is a clinically proven protocol that offers a brand new and superior approach to skin rejuvenation. This protocol reinforces and strengthens the skin structure and provides deep skin hydration. It increases the firmness, elasticity and brightness of the skin with the stimulation of collagen and elastin. They counteract the radiation damage caused by UVB. Provides active skin regeneration and restructuring. The person who has a smooth, healthy-looking and brighter skin gains an original glow.

The polynucleotides (Salmon DNA) and hyaluronic acid molecules that make up this protocol are completely natural elements of the body and are a patented technology developed by Mastelli Bio-Pharmaceutical.

Usage areas
◾ In the regulation of skin structure,
◾ Renewal, repair and rejuvenation of face, neck-decollete, hand and lip areas,
◾Lightening and restructuring of the eye area (removal of puffiness and dark circles)
In the treatment of stretch marks that occur during pregnancy and as a result of weight gain and loss,
◾Hormonal hair reversion treatment,
◾In the treatment of acne scars,
It is used in the treatment of sagging and cracks in the inner arm and knee.
From the first session, the effect on the skin is seen immediately and gradually increases after each session. It remains active for an average of 12 months.
◾PI System is suitable for all skin types, women-men, young-mature. PI System offers assays that meet the needs of the skin.

Treatment Results
Thanks to the PI System, the skin regains its brightness and elasticity.
As a result of clinical evaluations on 145 patients, 15% Moisture and 22% Elasticity increase were observed in the skin. After application;

– Hyaluronic acid increases with the directing of a valuable water molecule to its place.
– It retains and stores water molecules for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
– Strengthens the skin against water loss.

According to clinical studies, this application deeply moisturizes the skin and provides elasticity and tightening. Strengthens the skin and protects against UVB radiation damage.

Skin Elasticity and skin structure obviously improve and improve in form. As a result, the skin returns to its healthy form and regains its quality.

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