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The most frequently asked question by those considering breast augmentation surgery:


Yes, it is possible… Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery Prof.Dr. It was published in the American ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’ magazine in 2013 and entered the world medical literature as a new technique, which has been applied by Cemal Device for many years.

  • How is Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery performed?

Scarless breast surgery is the insertion of the prosthesis under the armpit, which is outside the chest. In the Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery, which is made by entering under the armpit and the silicone prosthesis is completely covered with the muscle membrane, the fat taken from the person can be injected when necessary. The name of this way is Composite Breast Augmentation. Thus, this technique can be used with confidence in patients with weak breast tissue.
The duration of the operation may vary according to the breast structure of the person and takes an average of 1.5 – 2 hours.
After the operation performed under general anesthesia, the patient can return to his normal life the next day.

  • The advantages of Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery are not only scarless!

The advantages of this system are that it does not leave any marks on the chest, as the prosthesis is completely covered with the muscle membrane, so the formation of capsules is minimized, thus preventing the formation of unwanted hardness and adhesions around the prosthesis. In this way, second surgeries that may be required (removal of capsules, etc.) are prevented. Since tissue damage is minimized and the chest muscle is not damaged, pain decreases in the postoperative period, beautification accelerates and it is easier to return to normal life.

  • After Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery

On the next day of the surgery, the person can walk around the house and meet his own needs, and after a few days, he can return to his usual daily activities.
Those who have Traceless Breast Augmentation Surgery can easily breastfeed their babies when they have a baby in the future.
The numbness that may occur in the chest and chest after the Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery is not a problem that occurs in my patients.

  • Who is the Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery suitable for?

Scarless breast augmentation surgery performed through the armpit can give great results in women whose breasts are not developed properly. According to the structure of your breast, you can have the breasts you dream of with a good analysis and surgical intervention. You can get real answers by contacting your doctor for questions that prevent you from making decisions such as scarring, numbness or unnaturalness.

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