Scarlet fractional radio frequency system (non-surgical facial rejuvenation)

Radiofrequency systems have been used for a long time to regulate the skin structure.

As a matter of fact, many devices used in medicine work by using electromagnetic waves, various lasers, x-ray and MR systems, cautery can be given as examples.

In daily life, mobile phones, microwave ovens, television, telegraph etc. they always work and emit electromagnetic waves.

The most valuable effect of these waves on the skin is to create heat. The difference in the middle of the devices that use radiofrequency waves to create this effect is related to the way the waves are delivered to the skin. While some devices try to affect the skin, others allow the waves to spread directly within the skin by means of needles. SCARLET gently and slowly descends to a depth of 3.5 mm through its 25 needles, allowing the radiofrequency power to be given directly to the target tissue. The process is almost painless compared to SCARLET’s counterparts and only anesthesia with cream is sufficient. The needles do not bleed as they radiate force throughout their entire body. With its 2 MHz technology that vibrates 100 – 800 ms per second, it can affect the issues in the epidermis and dermis at the same time. It can provide total skin care in a single session.

With the effect of the given heat, collagen fibers are stimulated and ruptures are provided in the collagen network structure. At these breaking points, collagen fibers are budding and new fibers are formed. Thus, an increase in the amount of collagen occurs. On the other hand, the physical effect of the needles stimulates the skin surface and initiates the natural smoothing process.

SCARLET, which is used for anti-aging targeted lifting (skin stretching), providing elasticity and reducing wrinkles, scars (acne, incision scar, crack, keloid), enlarged pores, pigmented lesions and facial telangiectasias, does not cause side effects since no chemicals are used. It can be applied to clusters, does not cause bruising and bleeding. The resulting skin redness disappears in just a few hours. Combined applications with PRP can increase success thanks to the synergistic effect of both processes. Applications made to the scalp using low radiofrequency can positively affect hair growth.

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