Secrets of looking young

Secrets of looking younger

It is a fact that the whole world is chasing to stay young and healthy. Medical Aesthetics offers the magic key to staying younger and gives the opportunity to have a renewed skin and a renewed body, despite the years called goodbye.

Health Quickly, everyone in their 30s realizes that they are experiencing slight form loss by looking in the mirrors on the contrary. In particular, the middle age range of 30-40 is the most accurate age range to invest in the future. The precautionary practices you will take in this age range will enable you to enter your 40s, 50s and even 60s more comfortably, vigorously, lively and younger. Let’s start with nutrition. Do not miss water, vegetables and fruits in your life. Moisturize your skin and protect it from sunlight. There is no alternative, you must quit smoking. Sports, keeping a stable weight and a stress-free lifestyle are the rules. After doing all these, you can get help from medical and aesthetic surgery”.

Is non-surgical facial rejuvenation possible?

What are the facial defects that make you look old?

The most important defects on our face that show the aged are; fine lines, jowl and neck area are the areas that show the most age. Fat accumulation in the jowl area, wrinkled jowl and neck area are areas that cast a shadow on your facial beauty and make you look much older than you are. Crow’s feet, upper lip and forehead lines, which begin with thin lines and gradually deepen, reveal the loss of form. For this, it is necessary to prefer non-surgical techniques in the clinical environment, because since the incision is made in surgical attempts, the smoothing processes are prolonged and the risk of complications increases. Botox, fat and filler injections, Spider Web Technique, HIFU, Gold needle RF allow us to avoid all these issues.”

Men value their hair, women value facial care.

Hair is very important to look younger

Hair that becomes sparse and cannot stay alive and lush as in youth will definitely give signs of aging, prp and hair mesotherapy injection will provide revitalization for the revival of the hair. Injection treatments and gold needle treatment, which gives the power of micro needling and rf to the hair follicles at the same time, will further strengthen the effect.

How should a young face look?

To summarize briefly; obviously a bright and lively lip, a prominent cheek that is not separated by a line, a V-shaped jawline with an intact oval line and the brow arch should be prominent and unbroken.

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