Shall we take an oral collagen supplement?

One of the frequently asked questions is should we take a collagen supplement? In fact, as new scientific results emerge on this subject, our proposals in this issue become clearer. The oral collagen abutment appears objectively beneficial for skin and soft tissue. However, some points should be noted. Purity, reliability, naturalness and sustainability are valuable, and at this point, we should ask the question of which preparation and which brand should we use? Here, I will try to answer the question of what should we pay attention to when buying, rather than giving a direct brand name.

Collagen is a protein; It is produced and secreted in the cells we call fibroblasts, and it is present in the connective tissue in the middle of the cells, not only in the skin, but also in many other organs such as connective tissue, hair, cartilage, bone, blood vessel wall, eye and lung. However, there are different types, such as type 1 and type 3 collagen, which is more heavily present in our skin.

The collagen produced in our body decreases with age. In addition to genetic aging, sun exposure, smoking, toxic issues, as well as malnutrition or bad eating habits can be associated with a decrease in collagen production, especially in our skin. With the decrease in collagen production, collagen sequences are also disrupted.

Collagen sources can be obtained from a wide variety of fish, as well as from cattle and pigs. What is mixed into the hydralizate at this point? How is it prepared? Is the work standardized? The answers to your questions are valuable. Uncontaminated by additive, industrial wastes, heavy metals and petroleum artifacts; We should choose the brands that we trust in this bet, which is the work with high quality and reliability standards.

Collagen building block procollagen peptides are the main issue in hydrolyzed collagen, these peptides are easily absorbed from the small intestines and circulate and are distributed to the necessary tissues from there. In addition, the foods and artifacts that we take directly as collagen are broken down by stomach acid and absorbed from the small intestines and added to the circulation. The collagen measure we will take here seems valuable as it circulates and determines the collagen that will be effective. There is no clear answer to the question of whether to take collagen supplements hungry or full. However, knowing that the stomach is too full may disrupt the absorption, an ideal intake time should be determined. Before going to bed, it seems appropriate to use it when the stomach is neither too hungry nor too full.

When we say whether we prefer liquid or capsule, it should be noted that the hydrolyzed collagen content of liquid forms is obviously higher.
When asked what ingredients might be useful to use with collagen hydrolyzate, the studies are instructive. Vitamin C, astaxanthin, zinc, glutathione, selenium are in the middle of the offers because they strengthen each other’s effects together.

After the use of collagen, some changes begin from the first month. We know that after 2-3 months of use, the activity does not end suddenly, but continues for up to three months. Can be used intermittently.

Finally, it may be inconvenient to take all kinds of supplements, not just collagen, during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. It would not be appropriate to take the collagen basis in kidney failure and in gout where protein intake should be restricted.

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