Shiny shiny hair?

Hair loss and unhealthy hair has been included in the rapidly increasing health problems in recent years. Broken, dull, dull hair from time to time also affects the self-confidence of the person. Hundreds of shampoos, hair care products, tablets used sometimes cannot be analyzed.

Unhealthy hair can have different causes. Hair can be broken, dull and sparse without shedding. Or it may look healthy and shed. Patients who apply with a hair problem are first examined. It is known that it is normal to shed up to 100 strands per day. For hair diseases, anemia, thyroid diseases, especially zinc deficiency, other mineral and vitamin deficiencies, pregnancy, birth, long-term illnesses, surgeries, tensions, loss of relatives are questioned. If the cause is detected, treatment is sought.

Shampoos for hair health should only be considered as products that help to keep form in the treatment. Shampoo thickens the hair and gives it form. Frequent processes such as blow-drying, etc. cause breakage and dullness in the hair. Especially when drying the hair, the machine should be kept away from the hair. Processes such as painting and highlighting should be done as infrequently as possible.

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