Skin changes during pregnancy

There are many metabolic, hormonal and immune system differences that can cause skin changes during pregnancy. Some of the changes that occur are considered normal, that is physiological, and are observed in the vast majority of pregnant women. Some changes continue after pregnancy and cause significant visual problems that will affect the person.

Depending on the changes in the immune system, the responses of the skin to environmental stimuli change. Accordingly, there are skin diseases specific to pregnancy period only. These diseases regress to a great extent with the end of the pregnancy process. In addition, the course of some skin diseases, which are essentially present in the individual in this period, may also change. This change can be in a state of calming or exacerbation.

Skin changes that occur during pregnancy and are considered physiological are as follows;

– Pigment/color changes: Melasma in the face area (pregnancy mask), darkening in the armpits, genital area, nipples and midline of the navel

– Hair and hair changes: Thickening and lively appearance of hair during pregnancy, hair loss after pregnancy; increase in body hair

– Nail changes: discoloration, increased rate of growth, easy fracturing, separation from the nail bed, thickening of the nail bed

– Soft tissue changes: crack formation around the navel, hips, arms, legs and breasts

– Changes in sweat secretion

– Vascular changes; increase in vascular cracks, predisposition to varicose-hemorrhoid formation

– Changes in the mucous membranes.

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