skin diseases in pregnancy

During pregnancy, our body also includes the skin, mainly in the immune system, hormonal system, metabolic system and vascular structures.
affecting changes. An increase or decrease in the course of some skin diseases can be observed during pregnancy. Psoriasis can increase as well as decrease. Allergic
eczema may increase. Those with diseases such as connective tissue diseases and pemphigus may have exacerbations in their diseases. Skin tumors can grow rapidly. Due to the change in the immune system, diseases such as herpes, warts and fungal diseases caused by viruses develop more frequently and progress more severely. The number of existing moles may increase during pregnancy, it is useful to evaluate rapidly growing and changing moles by a dermatologist.

There may be an increase in acne or the formation of new acne in those who do not have acne before, and sometimes there may be a decrease in existing acne. Depending on the vascular changes that occur during pregnancy, edema, swelling, increase in varicose veins, easy bruising due to trauma, and red spider-like spider angioma on the face may occur in the hands, face, legs. During pregnancy, rashes are common on the palms of the hands, and the rash may sometimes be accompanied by itching.

We can observe condensation in existing skin spots. Color intensification is often observed in the nipples, genital areas, around the navel, and armpits. This is more evident in brunettes. Unsystematic, borderless brown spots in the form of masks may occur on the cheeks, nose, forehead and lips, which we call melasma on the face, especially on the areas exposed to sunlight. In order to reduce the formation of these spots on the face, a suitable sunscreen should be used throughout the entire pregnancy.

Due to hormonal changes, structural characteristics of the person and stretching of the skin, tears often occur in the abdomen, hips and chest areas,
It may also be accompanied by mild itching. While these are pink-purple at first, they turn white over time and become permanent. The color of these cracks is red-purple and is easier to treat. It may be useful to use special creams recommended by your doctor during pregnancy to prevent and reduce the formation of stretch marks.

There is an increase in the hair during pregnancy, hair loss decreases. Nails become thinner and more easily breakable. It is useful to apply moisturizer to hands and nails and to stay away from detergents and chemicals.

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