Skin rejuvenation, prp, plasma therapy with the help of stem cells

How about taking advantage of the conditioning power of your own blood to achieve healthier, younger skin? With the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method, also known as the youth vaccine, you can get a younger look and have a healthier skin. PRP application; It is an application based on taking 8-10 cc of blood from a person, subjecting it to the centrifugation process in a special tube, separating it into its components and giving the PRP (Platelet-enriched plasma) back to the same individual by injection. This method, which is widely used in Europe, is FDA approved. We can explain the adaptive effect of PRP as follows: “When a place is cut in our body, the first cells that are collected in that area are the cells called platelets or thrombocyte that enable blood to clot. Platelets or platelets are blood components that contain the growth factors necessary to repair damaged tissues in our body. In PRP application, the purpose is to give more platelets to the tissue than to be carried by the blood circulation, because the density of platelets obtained by PRP is 2 to 4 times higher than that in the blood. As a result of this application, the repair of damaged tissue begins so quickly and powerfully.
The aging of our skin is caused by the loss of some of its physical properties, just as in the process of injury. For this reason, in practices aimed at rejuvenating our skin, we imitate what our body does when beautifying a wound, with various procedures. For example, with techniques such as laser and peeling, we cause a slight damage to our skin with certain limits, and we use this damage as a triggering force to smooth our skin. Growth factors are released after this damage and start the process. After all, the structure that can repair a damage to the skin in the most effective, fastest and most natural way is itself again.
How is PRP applied?
When PRP is applied as a filler, it is used to fill the gaps in the forehead and the cavities that descend from the nose to the mouth, or to remove acne scars and wrinkles around the eyes. PRP is also applied in the form of mesotherapy and is injected into the skin with small and short needles. Before the PRP applied in the form of mesotherapy, the face is covered with an anesthetic cream so that the patient does not feel pain. After the patient waits for about 45 minutes with this anesthetic cream, the PRP process is performed.
Since the stimulation of growth factors takes a certain time, one application is not enough. After the first application, the glow and brightness of the skin are noticed. However, in order for the application to be more permanent and long-lasting, it needs to be repeated several times. It is sufficient to do 3-6 sessions of mesotherapy in the middle of a month. The application can be repeated in cures every 8-12 months.

The PRP technique can also be applied after the dermaroller (microneedling method) application to increase the results and accelerate the fit. Since micro channels are formed in the form of thin holes in the skin after the ‘dermaroller’ application, which is a small cylindrical device with micro-level needles on it, it is sufficient to apply it with a mask. These specially prepared micro needles open on the skin, allowing the preparations applied to the skin to pass more than 200 times under the skin. These micro-channels, which close within 10 minutes after the application, simultaneously form a smoothing system under the skin, accelerating the regeneration of the body’s own building blocks.

Advantages of PRP

Since it is prepared in the person’s own blood, there is no risk of allergy.
Its effects are long-term and after the application, its regenerative / restructuring function continues. It is applied easily and faithfully. It reinforces not only the formation of new collagen, but all vital functions of the skin. It provides the removal of wrinkles and lines by “rejuvenating” the skin, not “filling” it.

It is also effective in skin cracks and scars.
PRP reduces fine wrinkles on the skin, brightens the skin, and gives flexibility to the skin. In addition, if there is a scar, the scar can also be improved with the filling element. PRP, which is also effective on stretch marks, surgical scars and acne scars, is also used in the treatment of hair loss. It is applied as a very effective formula in male pattern hair loss. In addition, although it is not the main system in the treatment of skin blemishes, it is accepted as a supportive system that accelerates the smoothing of blemishes with its rejuvenating effect.

Who is PRP not applied to? It is not applied in patients with insufficient platelet count, pregnant women, those using blood thinners and cancer patients.

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