Skin rejuvenation with stem cell therapy

What is skin rejuvenation with stem cells?

Stem cell therapy used for skin rejuvenation is also called ‘Autologous Fibroblast Injection Therapy’. Fibroblast is the basic stem cell of the collagen tissue that makes the skin look young and plump. Fibroblasts are present in our normal skin to a small extent and multiply in case of need, providing the formation of new and healthy collagen tissue. As a result of aging, gravity, damaging effects of sun rays and exposure to free radicals, stem cells, which we call fibroblasts, weaken. As a result, our skin looks more dull, lifeless and old. The treatment to slow down this process is called stem cell therapy. In stem cell therapy, when the person’s own (autologous) fibroblasts are injected under the skin, there is a rapid reversal. This process creates the effect of a youth vaccine.

How are stem cells obtained?

For stem cell treatment, a small skin module is taken from the skin of the person’s least sun-exposed skin, which is behind the ear, inner side of the arm, inner side of the leg or hip skin. Just like in the session, a measure of blood is taken from the individual. This skin cut and blood are sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory, stem cell production is initiated in the culture medium obtained from the person’s own blood by tissue engineers. It takes an average of 3 weeks for these stem cells, i.e. fibroblasts, to proliferate at a sufficient level. At the end of 3 weeks, the first session can be applied to the person.

In which cases is stem cell therapy performed?

Uses of stem cell therapy:

. Fine and deep wrinkles

. hair loss treatment

. acne scars

. Treatment of scar tissue formed after trauma, accident or burn

. Lip filler

. It can be counted as improving the quality of the skin.

How many sessions of stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is performed in 3 sessions at 3-4 week intervals. Session intervals are 3 weeks. However, if the desired effect is achieved in 1 or 2 sessions; The remaining stem cells can be kept in the laboratory for years and applied whenever desired.

How long does the effect of stem cell therapy last?

The stem cell begins to be effective from the moment it is applied and this effect continues for up to 12 months. In other applications, while the effect decreases as time passes; The effect of stem cell therapy increases as time passes. The permanence of the application is 4-5 years.

How is stem cell therapy done?

The method of application is in the form of injection under the skin in the desired areas. Before the application, the patient is kept waiting by applying anesthetic cream and then the application is started. The patient feels very little pain during the application as anesthesia is applied.

Are there any complications of stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy does not have any complications as it is made from the skin cut obtained from the patient’s own cells. This is the biggest advantage of this treatment. It has no teratogenic or carcinogenic properties. For this reason, it is a highly reliable and well-proven treatment method.

Especially individuals in the 35-65 age group can benefit from stem cell therapy. As one of the most faithful ways of racing against time, stem cell therapy is a reliable, effective and increasingly effective treatment formula.

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