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Small Tummy Tuck

MINI Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is known as an operation that gives proper results in male or female patients with skin laxity and sagging in the abdomen. This surgery is aimed at solving the deformations and contour disorders in the entire anterior abdominal region starting from the under-breast level. In some patients whose skin abundance is only below the level of the navel, tummy tuck surgery is performed only for this area. With this surgery, which is called small abdominoplasty or small tummy tuck, only skin laxity and contour disorders in the lower abdomen are removed without making an incision around the belly button.

It is a suitable surgical formula for patients who do not have skin laxity above the belly button level. Sometimes, patients with excess fat stored in the lower abdomen may apply for their removal. The liposuction process to be performed on such patients may cause the skin to become abundant in this area. This situation is foreseen before the operation and a small tummy tuck is recommended to the patient. If necessary, liposuction can be applied to the upper abdomen during the operation, as well.

The operation lasts for about 1-1.5 hours under general anesthesia. A drain is often used and removed the next day. The scars of the operation will be shorter than the tummy tuck. It is recommended to use the special corset to be dressed after the surgery for at least 3 weeks.

After the operation, it is usually quite comfortable, and you can return to work after 3-4 days. It will take about 1 year for the scars to fade.

It is an operation that gives very good results, provided that it is selected for the appropriate harvest.



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