Smile design (vizajism)

For a beautiful and aesthetic appearance, it is not enough to eliminate the problem that bothers us, it is necessary to deal with all interrelated points with a holistic perspective to create perfect results. In this way, it is possible to obtain a unique and wonderful appearance for the individual. The reflection of this approach in dental aesthetics is called vizajism. Despite the standard smile technique applied today with visajism, it is not only about the appearance of the person, but also about aesthetics; It has been reported that mental structure, behavioral patterns and established habits, even hair combing should be included in these studies. Smile design is to renew your ideal smile by applying medicine and art together. It is to plan a healthy smile by combining some of your individual wishes with health and naturalness.

The smile design to be made for each individual is different, and sometimes the smile aesthetic of the person can be achieved with only teeth whitening, sometimes several interventions may be required. Anyone with a sense of aesthetics is aware that image alone is not enough to describe pleasantness. For this reason, it is not enough to think aesthetically and to balance real forms and physical features in order to create pleasantness. It is necessary to talk about the criteria that the person has in an ideal way. Lifestyle, personality, professional needs and desired preferences are definitely valued and the patient’s condition and what he wants are shaped together. Because in the first place, it is very valuable to find expressions that will reflect the soul of the person.

The overvaluation of the image is one of the most valuable features of the contemporary world. The human image recognized the power of social acceptance through his personal well-being and professional success. Increasingly, procedures have been started to be applied in all fields of medicine and aesthetics in order to beautify their own appearance. Dental treatments, in which smile and pleasantness are integrated, are also of great interest to patients.

Visionist dentist, starting area of ​​mouth, lip view; It aims to harmonize the person with his personality and image. In this sense, the dentist creates not only a pleasant smile, but also a pleasant smile that is compatible with the features of the person’s facial lines and personality by working with the most advanced equipment and techniques.

Divided states of the person’s face, namely forehead area, nose area, lip area, chin area; It gives many clues about their relevance and creation, along with their character and established behavior patterns. In a visageist approach, when individuals get their teeth done, not only the hairstyle of the person, but also how he lays that hair back or to the side is very valuable. The visagist doctor takes tips on how to shape the model that the person will apply by looking at the structure of his eye, how he looks, even how he blinks, and concludes his treatment accordingly.

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