Smile design!

A beautiful and healthy smile has a very valuable place in the first impression of people. Components such as teeth and gums play a major role in the smile of individuals. In today’s society, when these components are unhealthy or insufficient, a lack of self-confidence arises in individuals.
In today’s dentistry, the concept of “smile design” has gained importance to create pleasant smiles. The first step in designing an individual smile is to consider the person’s face form and appearance, skin color, hair color, shape and size of the lips, and gingival tissue. According to these characteristics of the person, the color or state of the tooth is decided. The lip line during the smile, the alignment of both eyes and the width of the face are of great importance in determining the length and width of the teeth. Studying the feminine or masculine tooth form according to the gender of the patient is also a complementary element for the whole face.
In smile design, teeth whitening, porcelain laminates or other porcelain treatments, even orthodontic treatment, are in the middle of the treatments that the dentist will use.

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