Stem cell therapy (fibrocell)

Fibrocell is an autologous treatment method. A ‘cellular therapy’ that reverses the effects of time obtained from the patient’s own cells
can also be defined as It is now possible to correct the changes that occur with age with tissue engineering techniques. In addition, the patient
Since it is obtained from its own cell, there are no risks such as allergy.

The skin behind the ear is preferred because it is not affected by the damaging effects of the sun. Some tissue losses due to accident and birth can be treated with this method.

In addition, Fibrocell can be applied in wrinkle treatments, scars and skin scars.

Why Fibrocell:

 It is permanent and long-lasting.

 Since the patient’s own tissue is used, there is no risk of allergy.

 Provides natural scenery.

 It is not carcinogenic.

 Its fluidity is suitable, there is no risk of slipping out of the application area.

 Faithful.

What are the Application Areas:

 Hair treatments.

 Rejuvenation treatment.

 Natural treatment of pits formed by chickenpox and acne scars.

 Treatment of chronic wounds that do not heal.

 Wrinkles on the face.

How to Apply:

A lentil-sized tissue is taken from the person’s own ear, groin area, or under the arm under sterile conditions. Applied
The area is first numbed with a local anesthetic cream. The tissue taken is sent to a fully equipped laboratory under aseptic conditions with its solution and put into production.

When the required cell density is reached at the end of approximately 1 month, fibroblast cells are delivered to the physician by cold chain in the sterile area. These multiplied cells are injected by the doctor into the troubled area to be treated. The application is organized in 3 sessions.

In each session, an average of 20-40 million mid-fibroblast cells are injected into the patient’s skin. In total, an average of 100 million fibroblast cells are given to the patient’s skin. Depending on the patient’s request, these stem cells can be preserved in the laboratory for about 10 years.

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