Stem cell therapy in hair transplantation

We cannot deny that hair loss or damaged hair is a major source of depression for many people. There is no doubt that it continues to haunt you every day. With the emergence of new technology, there are some cures for the treatment of hair loss.

Hair transplantation is one of them. In the midst of hair transplant treatments, there is also stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy, which is a non-surgical therapy to stimulate and revitalize hair follicles, has recently been preferred a lot. Stem cells in the middle of the follicle always provide the supply of cells.

Thus, it helps the proliferation of hair cells in a rapid manner against hair loss. Human hair actually grows out of the follicles in the scalp. Damaged or dead follicles rough up the growth of new hair.

It has now been discovered that stem cells can be used to stimulate cells. They help the growth of new follicles injected into the scalp, thus creating new hair. During aging, follicles tend to shrink and stop responding to chemical signals given to it. This roughens the hair growth process. The follicle stem cell sends chemical signals to the shrinking follicles.

This, in turn, helps in the regeneration and growth of healthy hair. This therapy not only fights against hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of the hair. Stem cell therapy has no side effects and is absolutely safe. Depending on the stage and extent of hair loss, two to six sessions are required in this treatment.

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