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Strong plasma application from platelet (prp)

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Platelet Rich Plasma is the abbreviated name of the treatment technique called “Platelet-enriched plasma application”. It is the separation of approximately 20 cc of blood taken from an individual into its components after being subjected to the centrifugation process by placing it in a special tube and giving the obtained small amount of “platelet-enriched plasma” (PRP) back to the same person by injection.

2. For what purpose is PRP applied?

To provide rapid structuring of the skin after applications such as laser / peeling,

To improve the wrinkles in the skin, to remove the depressions, to regain its flexibility and brightness,

To ensure the control of wounds, cracks and situations where the quality of the skin is damaged, which takes a long time to heal,

It can be applied with targets to use alone in hair loss or to strengthen the effect of other treatment options.

3. When is the effect of platelet application seen?

A healthy glow appears on the skin quickly after the application. After 3 or 4 applications, the permanent youth effect becomes more obvious. It is necessary to complete a cure for full effect.

4. Will the positive results obtained with a cure completely disappear?

It does not disappear, but the effect of repeated cures every 10-12 months is equivalent to a permanent rejuvenating effect. Therefore, these cures should be repeated as needed.

5. Are there any side effects in this application?

The patient is given an “autologous” device from his own blood. The process is simply to initiate and accelerate the wound healing process. The probability of competition with an undesirable effect is quite low.

6. Is PRP application painful?

PRP application is done by injection. A greater pain sensation is not expected than the discomfort felt during blood collection. Mesotherapy with PRP is mostly applied 1.5 mm below the skin, and deeper application is required to add volume to the skin, but in these applications, anesthetic creams applied from the outside roughen the feeling of pain.

Are there any individuals who have objections to PRP application?

Yes. This application cannot be performed in patients with insufficient platelet count and cancer patients.

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