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The problem of excessive sweating is a valuable problem that leaves the person in distress in his social life.

is the problem. This, which climbs to even higher levels, especially in the summer months.

The problem is leaving wetness on the outside of the clothes and a yellow tinge around the armpits.

It gives a terrible look by creating a moire and makes the person uncomfortable. with botox

In the treatment of sweating, it is possible to save the person from the problem of excessive sweating.

The valuable information here is; After this process, sweating is completely

It will not end, but will be greatly alleviated. Sweating completely

cutting is not physiologically possible. But it will be considerably lighter.

It offers great comfort and convenience to patients.

In the treatment of sweating, Botox is mostly applied to the armpits. The process is short and

It starts to show its effect after the 3rd day. Often in the spring period March –

Patients who have botox for sweating treatment in April, summer is less

can pass through sweating.

Excessive sweating can sometimes be seen in the palms as well. like this situation

cases, it can be so advanced that it smears ink while writing.

For specific patients like this, botox application on the palms

is done. however

It is a somewhat more painful process compared to other organs.

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