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The 3 Most Frequently Asked Botox Questions

1) How much time should I spare for Botox? If I do it on Saturday, do I have to spend the whole day at the residence?
Even a 15-minute lunch break is enough time to get Botox.

2) After how many hours does Botox start to show its effect?
Contrary to popular belief, botox does not show its effect as soon as it is made. It starts to show its effect on the 3rd day and the effect settles at the end of two weeks.

3) How long does the effect of Botox last?
This effect, which lasts for 5-6 months on average, differs from person to person. Wrinkling, which is prevented up to 8-9 months in some, may begin earlier in others. For this, the person who has botox should go to the doctor regularly and have a new dose application before the wrinkles settle. While it is more difficult to treat settled deep wrinkles, new unsettled lines can be corrected quite easily with botox.

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