The one who doesn’t give up wins

Although it is a very unpleasant issue, I would like to talk about cancer treatment in one aspect today. We shouldn’t always have to make the world look all rosy in pleasantries. There are facts of life and our duty is to guide you in all circumstances.

I have always paid attention to the fact that patients who did not give up during their cancer treatment and who took care of their appearance, managed to emerge victorious from this battle. Dressing well within our own standards, even putting on new clothes if possible, taking care of our skin, hair and make-up despite all restrictions, and being involved in social life provides an unbelievably effective basis. Because commitment to life increases body resistance. When you look beautiful from the outside, people don’t treat you like a patient. This positive impression emanating from you returns to you exponentially.

It is necessary to avoid any application that may irritate the skin during cancer treatments. Peels, chemical elements are not necessarily used. Hot showers, baths, even deodorants, shaving, sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, harsh soaps, washcloths, even seams on clothes can cause irritation. On the other hand, stay away from oils or moisturizers that contain vitamin E. These artifacts cause allergic reactions in the skin that is sensitized after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

DON’T BE Afraid of Washing:
Many of our patients believe that if water gets on their skin, the irritation will increase and therefore they hesitate to wash. This view is unfounded. Those undergoing cancer treatment can wash as much as they want. However, when showering, use warm water instead of hot water, and prefer moisturizing shower gels and creams instead of soap. If you want, fill a bucket with warm water and put some baby oil in it. Use this mixture to rinse your body. Products containing aloe vera also soothe the skin and are moist prices. After the shower, remove the moisture from top to toe without rubbing your body with 2 soft towels or absorbent fabrics. It is easy to encounter fungi as the body resistance decreases during the treatment. The cleaner and drier you keep your skin, the less this risk is.

I recommend wearing silk underwear if possible to keep the skin soft and moist. Also, touching the silk makes you feel nice and fresh. Such small pleasures are more valuable than ever in this period…

During the treatment period, the sensitivity of the skin to the sun increases considerably. Therefore, you should protect yourself from the sun very appropriately. You should always keep high factor defense creams, wide-brimmed hats, light summer clothes with long sleeves at hand.

Some cancer patients shave their hair “zero” during the treatment period. There is no need for this. You will both stigmatize yourself and when the hair starts to grow, it makes the scalp itchy. It is best to cut your hair short. You can also use a wig if you wish.

When your hair starts to grow back, you will notice that the hair strands are getting thicker and your hair is more wavy than before. Be patient with the dye or perm. Remember that even though your hair has grown out, your skin is now susceptible to irritation.

During the treatment, eyebrows and eyelashes are most likely to fall out. Use powder shadow instead of pencil to draw eyebrows on yourself. It is easier to draw and provides a more natural look.

You can frame your eyes with a pencil or eye-liner. You will be more comfortable, especially if you prefer the waterproof ones. Because chemotherapy can cause hot flashes and sweating, as in menopause.

Do not use mascara at this time. Mascara can also cause your few remaining lashes to fall out. Don’t get discouraged, eyebrows and eyelashes will come back quickly after the treatment.

The number of people coping with this life-threatening disease is quite high. In this process, morale and movement are more valuable than anything else. The movement keeps the whole system standing. Being tied to the bed collapses the patient. You should take advantage of even the smallest opportunity that will raise your morale even a little bit. If you feel sorry for yourself and walk away from life, no one can turn you from your path. However, the more you pay attention to every living cell and yourself, the more effective the treatment will be. And the people around you find the enthusiasm and opportunity to reach you and become more support. Don’t let yourself go!

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