The pleasure that comes with the Pi vaccine

Over time and under the influence of environmental factors, skin quality inevitably deteriorates. Collagen and elastic fibers break down and the body’s own hyaluronic acid size and function changes. After the age of 30, there is a loss of 1% collagen every year. The skin appears duller, drier and less elastic. We provide your dull-looking skin with a system that we apply an active and robust way of regaining your livelier, smoother facial expression without losing your expression. This protocol “Salmon DNA Vaccine”, in bio-revitalization; namely the process of regaining the visible youth of the skin; It is a clinically proven protocol that offers an original and superior approach.

This system is applied by injecting polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules into the skin. The molecules that make up the protocol are completely natural elements of the body. Polynucleotides are DNA molecules derived from salmon sperm. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is the main aspect of our connective tissue and ensures the moisture stability of our skin.

What is This Concept?

More than mesotherapy, it is different from filling. Because, thanks to the molecules that make up this system, both the nuclei of the cells that make up your skin are repaired and the cell matrix that supports your skin is structured. DNA molecules and hyaluronic acid molecules create a synergistic effect with each other and create a strong effect for the regeneration of your skin.

As a result of more than 8000 clinical experiences, it has been seen that this protocol provides excellent results and patient satisfaction in acne scars or cracks where the face, neck and décolleté, hands and skin surface deteriorate. In addition, thanks to its patented technology, the risk of allergic reaction is minimal. You can apply even if you are allergic to salmon. The DNA molecules in hand are purified from foreign proteins that will cause an allergic reaction.

This protocol increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin by strengthening the skin structure in each session. They increase the nutrition of the fibroblasts that make up the collagen and prevent the radiation damage due to UVB. It regulates the decreasing moisture stability of the skin.

As a result, active skin regeneration gains original strength and radiance, with smooth, healthy-looking and brighter skin.

Where to use?

Salmon DNA Vaccine protocols for different skin needs


»» Young skin,

»» Mature and photologically damaged skin,

»» Hand rejuvenation for fresh and renewed hands

»» It is used for lightening and restructuring the eye area and removing puffiness and dark circles.

In addition, polynucleotides are active on the skin in cracks caused by pregnancy and weight gain. Apart from this, it has also been found that it is extremely active in hormonal hair loss. There are also protocols applied in this regard.

This protocol gradually renews your skin and you can observe the improvement in the quality of your skin structure in each session. Thanks to this system, which is applied once a week, you can see the increase in the quality of your skin every day and you can regain your youth.

The number of sessions varies in the middle of 3 to 5 depending on the skin structure of the person. A protocol is created and applied by evaluating the condition of your skin. The result waiting for the person as a result of the application;

Restored Moisture Balance

Increased Skin Tightening

Improved Skin Elasticity and Structure

Different usage purposes and skin types can be applied. This application is not very painful. It is given to the skin with fine needle injections, and we reduce the pain caused by the needling process with the local anesthetic cream that we will apply beforehand.

»» The protocol can be used alone or fillings, botulinum

combination with formulas such as toxin, laser, peeling ….

can be created,

»» In mature, sun-damaged skin,

»» Protecting and maintaining skin youth in young skin

for the purpose of,

»» Those who do not want or need other methods of filling

It is suitable for use by individuals who are not.

It provides rejuvenation of different regions:

»» Face and lip rejuvenation

»» Neck, décolleté and hands

»» It provides rejuvenation of acne scars.

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