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The Process of Plumping Big Lips

Big Lips Plumping Process

One of the processes applied in genital area aesthetics is this process, which is done to correct the drooping appearance of the large lips. Thanks to this application, lip structures with wrinkled or drooping images are arranged.

The large lip structures that patients complain about are sometimes a genetic condition, but sometimes it can be a situation that occurs after the age of 30 or in individuals who are very thin. The desired situation in this regard; In order to provide pleasant external genital appearance, the outer lips should be sufficiently full and the small lips should be covered to a large extent.

In the material to be used in the process of filling the outer lips, it is mostly in favor of using the person’s own oils as the first choice. In some cases, at the request of the patients, this process may be requested to be performed on an outpatient basis. Here in such cases; The use of fillings containing ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, which has a thick particle structure, may be the subject of speech.

The process of plumping the large lips can be performed under local or general anesthesia with fat injection. The fat to be used in this section is generally supplied from the patient’s abdomen. A few hours after the operation, the patient can be sent to his home. There is no need for dressing or stitching in this surgery.

Transition of the Person to Daily Life After the Procedure

After the completion of the plumping process, swelling of the lips is normal. This swelling gradually decreases within a few days. In this period, the patient is advised to change their underwear more frequently. The use of painkillers and antibiotic drugs prescribed by the doctor after the surgery has an accelerating effect on the beautification process.

The only possible problem after the operation; It’s a matter of infection. This condition can also be treated with antibiotics.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

The process of hymenoplasty corresponds to the meaning of ” Hymen suturing ”. The part called the hymen is a thin cut of meat located at the entrance of the vagina. The Latin word for hymen is ‘Haymen’. The hymen, in many cultures; It is considered a symbol of virginity.

If the exact location of the hymen is to be specified; located at the quick entrance of the vagina. There is a small hole in the middle of this cut of meat to allow vaginal secretions and menstrual blood to flow. This cut of meat is semi-flexible and is a thin layer. From an anatomical and physiological point of view, this membrane has no function. However, it is thought by some people that it protects the genital system against infections. Nevertheless; The protection of a structure with a hole in the middle against infections is a matter of debate. It is thought that the reason why virgins are less infected than non-virgin people is that they are not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Structural Differences of the Hymen

The hymen can have structural differences that vary from person to person. Different classifications can be created in terms of state, elasticity and hole feature. The hymen, which is in the form of a ring in the middle of these, is the most common type.

In some people, the hole in the middle of the dice is very large, so the dice can be classified as almost non-existent. In some very distinguished cases, there is no hole in the hymen. (Imperfore Hymen) In this case; The blood that should flow out during menstruation cannot flow out as of the first menstruation and accumulates in the genital canal.

In the hymen, which has a semilunare hole, it is not torn during the ligament, since the thickness from the outside to the inside is not much. But it is torn at birth.

In the fleshy and thick (Carnous) structure of the hymen; The possibility of tearing the hymen during the connection is quite low. If there is a ruptured situation, surgical intervention may be needed due to the severe bleeding. In some individuals, the hymen can continue to exist as remnants after birth.

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