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Things to Consider in Hair Transplantation

Some techniques are applied to eliminate baldness, which is the anxious dream of many men. The success of these practices depends on various factors.

What does the success of the technique applied in hair transplantation depend on?
1- Appropriate removal of the hair follicle; The hair follicle consists of hair follicles and connective tissue around it. As a result of not removing any part of this follicle, its integrity is disrupted and this follicle cannot produce hair in the newly planted area.

2- Adequate storage and separation of the hair follicle; The follicles taken must be stored in the appropriate solution. Follicles that do not contain roots must be honestly weeded out.

3- Natural and regular opening of hair channels; It is necessary to open channels suitable for the natural exit side of the hair. If the channel is opened in the wrong direction, the follicles to be planted in this channel will come out on the wrong side and will not look natural.

4- Placing the hair follicles in their new place without being hurt; The hair follicle is very delicate. All of the behaviors made to insert this follicle into the canal with hurtful, rough movements result in the death of the follicle.

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