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Standart Saç Ekimi Yöntemi

%100 Ağrısız Anestezi


Kan Testleri – PRP 1x

2500 Greft

Bakım Sonrası Şampuan – İlaçlar



Daha Az Kızarıklık - Hızlı İyileşme

%100 Punch Anestezi


Kan Testleri – PRP 2x

2500 Greft

Aftercare Shampoo – Medicines



Fast recovery - More Density

%100 Punch Anestezi


Kan Testleri – PRP 2x

2500 Greft

Aftercare Shampoo – Medicines

Additional Services

Other Services We Proudly Provide

€300 Euro

Local guide tour

Istanbul in Turkey with a hair Transplant 2-day sightseeing tour for those who want to explore further.


Extra 1000 Grafts

In case of excessive need for grafts in hair transplantation, an extra is charged to the package prices.



It is the extra night price taken when you want to keep your stay long.

Why hair transplant cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is the most preferred country in the world in hair transplantation. The main reason for this is that prices are cheap and operations are successful. In providing this cheapness it is less successful than other countries in the health sector, the minimum wage in Turkey. The state contribution and support of the health sector in Turkey is very sophisticated and is advanced along with health workers in all areas. Particularly giving importance to Turkey’s health tourism is a tourist country, it has created competition. For all these reasons, we can provide quality service cheaply.

Neo Hair Transplant Istanbul

How does hair transplant costs vary?

Services provided by clinics affect hair transplant prices. At Neo Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer you all services. No extra price is requested at the hospital on the day of operation.

We set our prices not individually, but according to the needs of the person. Because we support you online before hair transplantation. With this support, it is checked whether you are suitable for the operation. Thus, it is determined which technique you are suitable for.

Prices include VAT.

Is there a guarantee or a refund?

After the hair transplant in Turkey, we give you a warranty certificate. With this warranty coverage, we will do the second operation free of charge, if it complies with the rules.

There is no refund. Unfortunately, hair transplantation, which is a health and service service, cannot be refunded.

beard transplantation before after neo hair transplant |
beard transplant neo hair transplant turkey |

Can I get a discount?

Hair transplant is an aesthetic operation. And the most important is health care. We cannot make discounts in health services, but we can make discounts on services such as extra hotel transfers we provide you with lower service.

For Alopecia patients who are eligible for hair transplantation, a 20% discount is made.

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