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Tummy Tuck (Lipoabdominoplasty)

Lipoabdominoplasty is an advanced plastic surgery that combines liposuction with a tummy tuck

is the procedure. Combining liposuction and abdominoplasty, the abdominal muscles of multiple areas of fat and skin

It is made so that it can be removed when compressed. This is classical liposuction or classical abdominoplasty.

It is a more reliable formula than using

protect systems.

How was the lipoabdominoplasty procedure?

Many similarities with classical liposuction and classical abdominoplasty in lipoabdominoplasty

has. First, Phoenix, Arizona plastic surgeon with experience in abdominal liposuction, Dr. angelchik

performed by. The skin quickly above the pubic bone at the level of the navel, on the belly button

It is cut as it is, but the lymphatic vessels are not touched so that the swelling is minimized. Abdominal muscles

tightened and the abdominal skin is pulled and sutured.

What are the advantages of lipoabdominoplasty?

Making lipoabdominoplasty the best choice for people looking into body sculpting procedures

It has many advantages. There is enhanced abdominal sculpting as aggressive liposuction is performed. Most

The remaining scar in the patient is usually short. Postoperative complications are less and post-operative

numbness, swelling, bruising and pain are less likely. The most important part of lipoabdominoplasty

one of its advantages, Dr. More than 20 percent of Angelchik’s remaining abdominal skin with classical procedures

It can preserve 70 percent of blood flow.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Lipoabdominoplasty?

Patients who are in good general health and whose length and weight are proportional, abdominal tube or liposuction alone can be helpful.

for those who do not demand a middle body that they cannot be; It is a method suitable for the name of lipoabdominoplasty.

It is very valuable to have realistic expectations of what your aesthetic result will be. To smoke

definitely because it inhibits healing and has been proven to have dire consequences for your skin.

It is a bad habit that should not be consumed.

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