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tummy tuck surgeries

Abdominal stretching operations are performed to remove excess skin and subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen, and to obtain a more suitable abdominal view by eliminating weaknesses in the muscles.
Abdominoplasty operations are surgical processes performed to remove excess skin and subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen, to eliminate weaknesses in the abdominal muscles and to obtain a more adequate abdominal image. A flat and tight stomach can be achieved with training and weight control. However, without being overweight and training, you may not be able to prevent sagging in the abdomen. Pregnancy, heredity, age, gaining and losing a lot of weight, previous abdominal surgeries may cause decreased abdominal tension and sagging.
To whom can it be applied?
For those who are disturbed by the view of your abdomen. For those who do not prevent surgery.
Anesthesia and surgery
It is performed under general anesthesia and sedation anesthesia. The surgical scar is placed in the groin. According to the size of the skin to be removed, the scar is extended to the sides. Abdominal skin is removed. If necessary, the abdominal wall muscles are repaired. Excess skin is removed. The skin is stretched and sutured to the groin. If the excess skin continues on the navel, the navel is left in place, after the skin is stretched and sutured to the groin, the navel is formed again by removing the navel through a hole made in the skin. If necessary, it can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction. Usually, a drain is used to drain the blood and edema accumulated under the skin. Wraps and bandages are made.
You will stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. The length of stay in the hospital is mostly determined by the measure of blood coming from the drains. Stitches are removed within 10-15 days. In order to avoid too much tension in the stitches, you are asked to walk forward for 15 days by leaning slightly forward.
As in all surgeries, there is a risk of anesthesia, bleeding and infection. Suture opening, especially in smokers, terrible wound healing and skin loss Obvious and macular scarring Asymmetry in the abdomen or navel

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