Types of Eyebrow Loss Treatment

Eyebrow loss requires long-term treatment. Since the reasons for eyebrow shedding are psychological and stress-dependent, it is extremely important to be patient in the treatment process. The treatment of eyebrows can be done both medically and naturally.

In the case of eyebrows, the medically applied treatment is eyebrow transplantation. It can be said that it is a more costly treatment than natural methods. However, providing a definite solution is treatment. In addition, another is the method of injecting cortisone into the eyebrows by dermatologists. Natural eyebrow loss treatments are done by applying natural herbal oils and oils to the eyebrows by applying massage and friction.

Eyebrow Remover Products
There are many herbs and oils with natural methods. Some of these are pure olive oil and almond oil. There are many eyebrows-removing products sold in the market as dermo-cosmetic products. To remove and revive the spilled eyebrows brushing the eyebrows several times a day is also one of the methods to remove eyebrows. A few drops of vitamin E at the end of the brush are very impressive in the emergence of eyebrows.

Hormone Therapy
One of the methods of removing eyebrows is hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is the treatment of cortisone by a dermatologist. This method is very effective in removing eyebrows by dermatologists or well-known beauty specialists.

Acupuncture is a treatment method used by the Far East. Today, many diseases are treated with acupuncture. These;

-Pain in the waist and spine
-Smoking and alcohol addiction

Acupuncture treatment is performed by injecting needles into certain parts of the body. The needles that are soaked in those areas treat many diseases by stimulating the body. These stimulating regions are the arms, legs, back, abdomen and ears.

Eyebrow FUE Transplant Treatment
Recent technological advances are also developing in hair and eyebrow cultivation. Sowing methods applied in aesthetic centers are performed after a maximum of 1 hour. Planting is done by a method called the FUE technique. The hair removal from certain body parts in eyebrows is performed with a micro-motor tool. The bristles, which are preferred to be removed from the neck, provide a definitive solution to the problem of eyebrows after sowing.

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