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Ultherapy (Ultherapy): Non-Surgical Face Lift and Rejuvenation

It is an application used in the tightening and treatment of the skin and the underlying sheath (SMAS) and bands, which loosen with intensified (ultrasonic) sound waves and cause sagging, by expanding and tightening with the effect of heat. The effect occurs by triggering new collagen synthesis with the effect of heat obtained by weighting at the determined depth. One of the reasons for sagging skin and signs of aging is the loosening of collagen content over time. The Ultherapy system stimulates the collagens with the controlled heavy heat it provides, causing tightening and rejuvenation due to their tension.

The application is applied step by step after a personalized mapping. The results obtained may vary from individual to individual and according to tissue characteristics. The process is applied after superficial/deep mapping according to established protocols and according to “scientific standards”. The expected effect may not be seen in individuals with severe sagging and requiring surgery.

Asymmetry and other side effects are frequently encountered in eg devices where depth and density cannot be fully controlled. Ultherapy is for everyone who does not have a general health problem; It is applied with the aim of removing the signs of aging, especially the treatment of sagging and increasing the quality of the skin, with the aim of lifting and stretching.

Each session is completed in an average of 45 minutes. While the first result and effect can be observed quickly after application, 2-3. At the end of the month, it is seen that the ideal aesthetic results and expectations are fully met. The application does not require anesthesia, it is painless and allows a quick return to daily life after the process. It does not cause loss of mimics, bleeding or a striking image.

As with laser and chemical peeling processes, Ultherapy works not only on the upper layer of the skin, but also on the subcutaneous suspension units together with the skin, so it does not cause sensitivity to the sun and has no potential to leave stains. These features give the application the advantage that the process can be done in any season of the year.

The most effective areas are around the eyes/eyebrows, face and neck areas. Recovery of jowl sagging, correction of the chin-neck angle, contouring of the face oval are the gains in the head and neck region. On the body (open clothing), it is a preferred formula for erasing fine lines and wrinkles in the decollete area, for the recovery of arm, abdomen and leg sagging and loose skin.


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