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Use of prp in skin rejuvenation

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We know that blood is the most valuable thing that keeps the human body stable and healthy, and provides the link of vital activity. One of the many functions of this blood, which reaches every cell of us, is to repair, that is, to renew, when damage occurs in a random place. The secret of this most valuable ability of living things is hidden in these platelets. Many features inside platelets, from healing of wounds, have the potential to act like stem cells, in a form that can complement the missing parts of tissues.

This expensive medicine, which has been given to all living things in nature, has not been produced in any laboratory now. The easiest way for us is to obtain this costly substance from one’s own blood and inject it where it is needed. If we do not concentrate this expensive part and give it to the ground, since this matter cannot be activated there and is few in number, a weak and delayed effect will be achieved.

PRP treatment consists of injecting the platelet-filled plasma liquid taken from your own blood (8-10 ml) to the places we deem necessary.

Now we can use this procedure in many places in medicine; All kinds of tissue wounds that are delayed in healing, intra-articular tissue damage without blood circulation, various infections, wounds developing gangrene, especially tissue loss developed, operations to be performed for graft transplantation and in many other areas.

Aesthetic surgeons, on the other hand, can add to their treatments to support various aesthetic interventions and to achieve the effects they expect more quickly. PRP treatment sessions applied to the facial skin alone give extremely successful skin rejuvenation results. It is an excellent opportunity to renew, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin without using any foreign fillers and without the need for an additional drug. Even in only 3 sessions, it can give much more impressive results compared to some old techniques.

In addition, studies have shown that PRP treatment also strengthens the weakness of hair follicles that cause hair loss. For this reason, PRP sessions can be programmed to strengthen the areas that have difficulty in holding after hair transplantation and that have started baldness because their circulation is not good. In addition, now it is possible to apply to everyone who has not come to the point of hair transplantation and who has hair loss problems, and valuable feedback can be obtained with successful results.

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