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Vagina Aesthetics

In recent years, face lift, breast enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation surgeries have increased considerably, especially in the USA. The aim of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, also known as aesthetic vaginal surgery or vaginoplasty, is to tighten the loosened muscles and tissues, accompanied by the removal of loosened and excess vaginal skin. The most valuable primary care here is the true choice of the plastic surgeon.
Today, many couples want to be a large family. He enjoys it. However, due to repetitive births in some women, the birth canal enlarges over time, the vaginal muscles may weaken, and as a result of these reasons, both herself and her partner are less stimulated during sex due to less contact in the relationship. For many women, sex; defined as before the child and after the child. Our aim is to enable our patient to experience the pleasure of having children again and to make him feel that he is a woman again.
Although some physicians prefer KEGEL training with pelvic floor muscle contraction, this is never a substitute for vaginal surgery. Because it is not possible to recover too much loosened vagina with these trainings. Kegel training should be considered as a kind of rehabilitation training that helps to preserve the health and youth of the vagina, and should be tried before surgery in mild relaxation. However, it should be explained to the patient that it will take a long time (at least 6 months-1 year). In moderate and advanced loosening, vaginal tightening surgery should be applied. Pelvic floor muscles should be properly repaired and tightened and excess vaginal skin should be removed.
This surgery can be performed with spinal or general anesthesia. The incidence of complications such as bleeding or infection is less than 1%. The reason for the vaginal discharge that may occur in the 1 month period after the surgery is the melting of the sutures used in the surgery. This too disappears over time.
After the surgery, pain is controlled with painkillers. The pain is not inside the vagina. There may be pain in the outward opening of the vagina and in the anus area. Painkillers and local cold application are sufficient for this.
The patient can stay in the hospital for 1 night or be discharged one day.
The patient is completely smooth after 6 weeks, can return to work after 5 days, can travel on the 4th day, and receive attention after 6 weeks.


  • Can vaginal tightening surgery be performed on a woman who is considering giving birth to a child again?

The goal with this surgery is to return the woman to her childless state. If she gives birth to a child again after this operation, the activity of the operation will decrease, and the aesthetics of the vagina will probably be completely disrupted again. If he accepts these, of course, he can have surgery.

  • How are patients with closed clitoris treated?

Orgasm may be more difficult in patients whose clitoris is closed, that is, invisible due to the accumulation of the genital area skin. For this reason, by removing the excess skin around the clitoris, it can be stimulated more during sex.

  • Does vaginal tightening surgery primarily increase the pleasure of the man from sex?

No, in our surgeries, the aim is primarily to increase the pleasure that the woman gets from sex, in this case, indirectly the man gets more pleasure. There are publications showing that women’s orgasm frequency and intensity increase with this surgery.

  • Is the growth of labia minorlar (little lips) in women due to a hormonal disorder?


  • As it is known, some women have the problem of not being able to orgasm. Can this situation be resolved with vaginal tightening surgery?

We do this process for healthy women who can orgasm under normal rules, that is, at least before giving birth to a child. Because it is a complex condition that needs to be named and treated as someone else’s sexual dysfunction. There is no guarantee that you can have an orgasm with this surgery.

  • Can vaginal tightening be performed on a patient who has never given birth?

Of course it can be done. In these patients, structuring and repairing only the lower part of the vagina is sufficient.

  • Can this process be done in patients infected with HPV (genital warts)?

Of course it can be done. However, in patients with genital HSV (genital herpes), preoperative suppression with valtrex will be more accurate.

G-spot amplification (G-Spot Amplification):

The sexual desire of women all over the world is actually not that different from each other. “Heavier orgasm!” Ladies love sex and want to have the best possible sexual life…
Information about G-shot: Designer vaginal G-Spot amplification is the enlargement and enlargement of Grafenberg’s point (G-spot) with collagen injection. There is no need for a random skin test before injection. The Designer Vaginal G-Spot augmentation was found and developed by the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute (USA). The mission of this institute is to reach a “stronger woman with her knowledge, choice and alternatives”.

Information about the Grafenberg point (G Point):

The G-spot was first published in an article published in the International Journal of Sexology in 1950. It is named after Ernest Grafenberg. Dr. Grafenberg found a highly erogenous zone within the vagina that, when stimulated directly, causes a larger and more powerful orgasm. Grafenberg’s findings: This erotic zone is constantly in the course of the urethra on the anterior wall of the vagina, and is an erectile tissue just like the corpora cavernosa in the penis. During sexual stimulus, the female urethra begins to expand and is simply felt. At the end of the orgasm, it is seen that it is quite bloated, without fail. The most stimulated part is the part that comes from the bladder neck and corresponds to the urethra region.

Where is the G spot?

The G spot is a highly sensitive area in the size of 10 cents-50 cents, located on the anterior wall of the body and the female vagina. Although its location varies, the G spot is typically located midway between the pubic bone and the cervix. Researchers have also found that the sensitivity of some women increases above the defined point in the vagina.
“G Shot is for all ages, all women”
The G spot is quickly under the vaginal wall and can be stimulated indirectly through the vaginal wall. Many women feel an urgent urge to urinate when this point is warned, but if this warning continues and the bladder is empty, they get a lot of pleasure. While some reach orgasm, others experience orgasmic contractions with a liquid they secrete. Enlarging the G spot with the process called G-Shot allows this spot to be localized more easily and the lady to get maximum pleasure.
Research results on G Shot:
“G-Shot is for ladies of all ages”

  1. 87% of women who received G-Shot reported increased sexual arousal and satisfaction.
  2. “Even though I have no complaints about my sex life until now, I feel better now”
  3. “I can actually feel my G-spot now.”
  4. “He had multiple orgasms for the first time in my life and it was perfect.”
  5. “Thanks to G-Shot, now I’m eternally excited”
  6. “After the G-Shot, I now fully know where my G spot is.”
  7. ”After clinical knowledge about G-Shot and G-Shot, I know where my G-spot is and how to increase sexual pleasure”
  8. The effect of G Shot starts in 4 hours and you can amuse yourself as if you have taken an enjoyable thing”

How faithful is G-Shot?

Collagen injection into the vagina was first used in 1940 to prevent urinary incontinence in the treatment of intrinsic sphincter insufficiency (ISD), which mostly affects older women. In ISD, the internal urethral sphincter remains open and the lady constantly leaks urine. Injectable filling materials close the internal sphincter with their mass effect and enable urine retention. Hundreds of clinical studies and studies have shown that collagen injection is reliable. Minimal bleeding from the injection site and urinary tract infections were reported as rare complications in studies.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved collagen injection for the treatment of ISD.

How is G-Shot applied?

G-Shot is a painless technique that can be applied in the office under local anesthesia. The injection takes less than 5 seconds and the total respite in the practice is 10 minutes. The vagina is visualized with a specially designed speculum and collagen is injected into the G-spot. Both the projection and width of the G-spot increase by ¼. With the enlargement of the G-spot, sexual stimulation and satisfaction increase.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Is G-Shot a painful process?

No it is not. Before the G-Shot, there is no pain since local anesthetic is applied with the help of a thin needle.

  • How long does the G-Shot app take?

Collagen injection takes less than 5 seconds. The total duration of the application is 10-15 minutes.

  • How long does the effect of G-Shot last?

The effect of this process continues for 4 months.

  • Is G-Shot faithful?

G-Shot is extremely reliable and clinical studies have not seen complications.

  • Does G-Shot make it easier for me to find my G spot?

You will not have difficulty in identifying your G-spot, but the most important thing is that the contact of this point becomes easier when you are in contact with your partner.

  • Does the injected subject change place during the G-Shot process?

No, the injected collagen remains in its original state.

  • Can I continue to use tampons during my menstrual cycle after G-Shot application?

Of course there is no problem.

  • After the G-Shot, masturbation, various sex toys, hard sex does the G-spot replace?

No G-spot stays in its brand new location.

  • Does the element used in the G-Shot process contain a random hormone?

No, it contains hyaluronic acid, which is a completely natural issue, it does not contain hormones.

  • Can I get pregnant after the G Shot process?

Of course you can stay.

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