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A woman’s body changes after multiple pregnancies and births, even if she does exercises to lose weight, exercise and maintain muscle tone, her pre-pregnancy appearance may not be completely regained and it may cause significant depression and unhappiness in the woman. These changes occur in the abdomen, chest and body parts, and they are often the problems that bring women to the aesthetic surgeon first and are brought to the language. However, especially in Turkish society, a group of changes that cannot be brought to the language or are ashamed to say also occur in the areas called vagina and perineum.

Stretching and squeezing the muscles may not be possible after birth. Losing tight tissue and skin, and women during intercourse, can cause concerns about the appearance of the vagina itself, as well as tightness (including the labia, perineum, and vagina) and the appearance of their vulvar area.

Women may not be able to achieve and improve vaginal tightness despite Kegel exercises. In addition, women may also face issues with urinary control due to enlarged postpartum angles and may develop problems with coughing, sneezing or incontinence with training. This condition is called tension urinary incontinence.

The application called vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty is the process of tightening and narrowing the vaginal opening, either surgically or only with laser or a combination of both.

As a surgical procedure for vaginal rejuvenation, mucosa in the vagina and sagging and excesses in the perineum after the episiotomy incisions opened during childbirth are removed, and tightening and narrowing is applied with the system called veplasia, by adding them together with the contractive muscles on the inside. This process improves the tone of the vaginal muscles, their control and strength.

The purpose of the procedure is to provide the woman’s self-confidence, to increase the sexual pleasure and pleasure of the woman.

Vaginoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure under sedation or general anesthesia and is often done in conjunction with other female genital cosmetic procedures. Labiaplasty. Vaginal rejuvenation can also be combined with tension urinary incontinence handling procedures. Tightening can be increased with laser. Large lip fat grafts can be applied. Sometimes, filler or adipose tissue can be applied in addition to these procedures or alone after laser to increase the pleasure level in the vagina to the G Spot.

You need to talk to your doctor for detailed information and pre- and post-operative sample.

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