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Vaser Liposculpturing (Liposelection)

A new alternative to the liposuction technique that has been applied for years: “Vaser Liposculpturing”

In the removal of fat that cannot be removed from the body with diet and sports, in 350 centers in the USA.

The “Vaser Liposelection” formula, which has been applied and approved by the American drug agency FDA, is now

I started to practice in Izmir.

Less damage and pain, swelling and bruising after the operation compared to classical systems

to apply the vaser liposculpturing technique, which has no side effects such as

I started. This system, called Vaser liposelection, has recently started to be implemented in Turkey as well.


In this application, adipose tissue is broken down and removed with advanced surgical technique. Don’t get oil on it

instead of liposuction, it is called ‘liposelection’. Because ‘selection’ means original, special.

comes, and it’s a machine that selects that particular fatty tissue. While vacuuming the fat in liposuction

partially damages supporting tissues. This new method removes the damage. Damage

Since it is removed, this procedure collects the skin more, prevents sagging and fat.

The area taken becomes more organized.

Vaser: This is a very special and set tool. This tool melts the fat in the body. well

He makes it like olive oil, turns it into cream.

Advanced surgery with a new patented technology to disperse and destroy adipose tissue.

This system, which is a formula that combines techniques, is the apple of the eye of all women of the world. This

method, without applying a random diet program and without training, unwanted

fats, arms, legs, neck, chest, knees, hips, back, etc.

taken from a region in an effective form. Vaser from ultrasonic power technology

By using sound waves, it cuts the fat tissue with the slotted shaft design and creates a special channel.

absorbs this tissue, which it breaks down with its system. During this process, connective tissue, blood vessels and

nerves are never damaged. Not particularly painful and post-operative bruising

Vaser liposelection, which is preferred by patients because it does not

it creates. With the Liposelection Technique performed with vaser, doctors can use the chin, neck and arms to

they can find the opportunity to work in more delicate and thin areas.

Less edema: Scientific studies have shown that in patients undergoing liposelection,

less edema, pain and bruising. This way to all parts of the body

can be applied. Thanks to this way, it is especially clear in breast reduction operations.

surgery may not be necessary. This is also true for breast lubrication in men.

we are using. In addition, unwanted fat from the abdomen, arms, back, hips, knees,

It can be effectively taken from the waist, neck, under the chin, and legs.

Smoothing in a short time: Since the bruising and swelling is less after the surgery, the smoothing process is more

it’s going fast. Since it is a more refined process, individuals are more comfortable in daily life after surgery.

returns soon. Another feature is ‘ultraselective’, that is, it recognizes the fatty tissue very well.

to be. Due to this feature, it provides a smoother smoothing.

Security: Extremely reliable. The most valuable feature of this operation is the border, blood vessels and

It does not damage the surrounding tissue consisting of connective tissue. Every part of the body, even the face

It is an extremely rare operation with medical complications that can even be performed. Local anesthesia

Since it is applied, there are no risks that may arise from general anesthesia. Fats with ultrasound

Since it is liquefied, it becomes possible to obtain homogeneous oil. Working with very thin cannulas

It does not require stitching, there is no seam mark due to its buttocks. However, the point compared to the studied area

A large scar may remain. With sensitive cannulas that do not damage tissues and vessels

When practiced, post-development smoothing is quick and effortless.

How is it done? The area and size to be removed are determined. Local for easy removal of fat

After a dissolving liquid containing anesthesia is injected, the fats that liquefy with ultrasound are thin.

withdrawn with cannulas and syringe.

Re-lubrication in the area: The number of fat cells in the body is determined. getting fat

The phenomenon occurs not with the increase in the number of these cells, but with the expansion in volume. vaser

If we take 70 of the 100 fat cells in the area with the liposculpturing process, the remaining 30 fat

cell is 31. In the case of weight regain, even if these remaining 30 cells expand, 100

the cell never takes time to expand. Therefore, after removing fat from this area,

lubrication never occurs in the same area at the same rate.

Before the operation: Aspirin and vitamin E two weeks before the operation date

do not buy. Do not apply any cream to the body the day before the operation.

Post-Operation: Sports and massage can be started after one week. With real massage

It is possible to speed up the recovery period. Make sure that the drugs are taken without interruption.

You can take your first warm shower two days after the operation. Tights according to the applied area

You will wear compression stockings or a special corset for one to three weeks.

What are the differences between Vaser Liposculpturing and Liposuction? Applied with old technology

You may have received negative feedback about liposuction. A more advanced and faithful method

The differences between Vaser Liposculpturing and Liposuction are listed below.

Local anesthesia is preferred unless the area is very large. Oils in Vaser Liposculpturing

It is withdrawn with very light pressure using small cannulas. Therefore, the surrounding tissue is not damaged and

The formation of waveform irregularities during recovery is minimized. In liposuction

large cannulas are used. Since the oil is drawn with great pressure, it causes damage to the surrounding tissue.

a tearing process is performed and there is a high probability of a wavy skin appearance. vaser

In Liposculpturing, you can walk to your residence quickly after the operation is over. vaser

In liposculpturing, the patient should wear a tight stocking or corset for one to three weeks.

In liposuction, it is obligatory to wear a special corset for three to four weeks. vaser

In liposculpturing, edema disappears in four to six weeks.

In liposuction, it takes a few months for the edema in the body to completely go away. Vaser Liposculpturing

Since it is a softer and more functional method, tissue and vessels are better preserved.

Since large pressures are used during liposuction, the tissues are strained and damaged.

You can see, bleeding may occur. Now, with the advancement of technology, getting rid of localized fat


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