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Weird Man Who Hammered At His Own Pace Because He Couldn’t Have Sex With Women For Years

Incel, one of the concepts that the internet has added to our lives, is a word used for individuals who hate women because they cannot talk to women throughout their lives and see them only as sexual objects. The incel community, which is very crowded on social media, finds the cure to change their appearance because they cannot have sexual intercourse. Some even hit their speed with a hammer! If you’re curious, here you go…

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You may have come across the term ‘incel’, which is one of the thousands of different concepts that the internet has added to our lives, on social media.

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For those who don’t know, the concept of thin means ‘involuntarily celibate’, ‘reluctant virgin’, and is said to men who can’t connect with the opposite sex and see women only as sexual objects.

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Incel clusters already have thousands of members on social media and continue to grow day by day…

Journalist Ben Zand living in England shoots a documentary called ‘UNTOLD’ for Channel 4, one of the country’s most famous television channels, and he meets with the people and learns their stories.

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For example, an incel nicknamed Tuna argues that throughout history, serial killers have always been men who have been excluded from society, just like them.

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“It’s not a lie, I even dreamed of scanning a place,” he says!

One of the most crucial points for slim men is their appearance. These individuals who find themselves lousy think that women are superficial and only like nice men.

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That’s why there is a trend in the slim community to improve their appearance by getting a haircut, dressing better, having plastic surgery, losing weight and doing sports. They call this development period ‘looksmaxing’.

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Don’t assume that their personalities will change as their looks change… For example, an incel interviewed by Zand is actually a famous Instagram influencer!

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Nicknamed ‘D’, this influencer says he accepted the fact that he was ‘genetically inferior person’ years ago.

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D also admits that, like many others in the incel community, he has not been able to talk to a woman other than his mother properly throughout his life, and that he has found his friends online.

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“In our society, people only treat very nice and nice individuals. You need to open your eyes and see this truth.”

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“All ladies only want the most beautiful man. If you accept this fact, you can start using it in a way that works for you.”

D, who gives detailed information about the cut called ‘Looksmaxing’, says that men who want to improve their appearance and have an ideal face, hit their own faces with a hammer for this goal!

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You heard right, compared to D’s arguments, there are many people who look at their own face and try to fix the area they want to change by hitting them with a hammer.

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In particular, they aim at their cheekbones and jaws, hitting these areas regularly until their bones sometimes break…

Finally, D states that he has suffered from some mental problems such as some dysmorphic disorder due to his ideas about appearance, but women never take care of him unless he is beautiful.

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