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What are filling materials?

Filling the lines and deep wrinkles caused by sagging on our face, collapsing due to aging (under the eyes, cheeks, etc.), some hollow areas on the skin (such as scars, acne scars), and providing fullness; Sometimes, the materials used under the skin for the purpose of correcting the contours (such as making the lips look more lively, curved and fuller) are called filling tools. These are artifacts produced and marketed from a wide variety of chemical elements. However, since injecting foreign elements into the body may cause many inconveniences, they are not preferred except for a few very reliable works (such as collagen, and hyaluronic acid).

How are infill considerations classified in general?

Filling issues can be generally divided into two those obtained from the body (such as fat, tissue cocktail, and cartilage tissue) and foreign elements. Among the foreign issues, many issues such as injected silicone, suture materials, filling materials with silicone particles, gelatin powder, bovine collagen, and hyaluronic acid can be counted.

Can all of these matters be used faithfully?

No. After liquid silicone injections, very allergic reactions, and tissue deformations are seen and it is known that it causes death by mixing into the veins. It can cause damage and wound opening on the skin. Therefore, silicone injections are no longer used. After injections with silicone particles, an artificial appearance is formed and mood disorders may occur under the skin. Other synthetic filling materials may cause permanent tissue damage, deformation, and skin color changes due to infection or allergic reactions after application.

In which areas are filling considerations applied?

Especially when used together with filler injection, it is used in frown lines in the middle of the two eyebrows, crow’s feet deformities, nasolabial folds extending from both nose wings to the rim of the mouth, fine wrinkles around the mouth and lines extending down from the corners of the mouth, in the decollete area for the purpose of clarifying the lip fold and thickening the lip. It is used for lines on the neck and back of the hand. It is injected into the skin in areas with fine wrinkles and folds, thus smoothing and filling these areas.

What are the side effects of the procedure?

Since it is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it is not possible to cause an allergic reaction. It is FDA approved and widely used in America. Very slight swelling and redness may occur after the process. This swelling is already gone within 48 hours. Irregularities that may occur or the places that need to be supported can be corrected by injection of the filler element again 15 days after the procedure.

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