What are hair treatment formulas?

Oral Treatment methods

According to the general condition of the patient, especially the stage of hair loss, drug treatment can be applied to reduce shedding under the supervision of a physician. There are useful drugs with different supportive properties both before and after hair transplantation operations.

All drugs for hair health should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

What Are Topical Treatments?

These drugs reduce hair loss by increasing blood flow to the scalp in areas where the hair is thinning. It has been widely used by men and women in the world for many years. It is also used to accelerate the growth of first new hair after hair transplantation. They are especially effective in the vertex (top region).

Scalp Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment that potentially reduces the need for hair transplantation.

Mesotherapy techniques applied for hair loss have been developed from mesotherapy itself. It can be named in the form of approaches such as Mesoplasty or Mezohair. Positive effects on hair growth have been observed in both men and women.

Its aim is to bring the area where the disease is located and the treatment application area closer to each other.

Selected drug mixtures are injected into the skin with special needles and special techniques in small doses locally. The dermis or hypodermis becomes the reservoir area where the active substance is slowly released to where it needs to reach, through microcirculation. Therefore, this is a regional local treatment.

Scalp mesotherapy is a form of treatment that can be applied to the scalp in obvious periods to stop hair loss, increase the quality of existing hair and activate new hair growth.

PRP Hair Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)

With PRP treatment, your hair follicles, which weaken and begin to die, and hair strands that become feathers are revived and your hair regains its former health.

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of injecting the elixir obtained as a result of the separation of white blood cells and platelets by passing your own blood through special processes, to the thinned or balding area. PRP Applications are performed in the hospital environment.

PRP treatment method is a treatment formula that has been used in Europe and the Far East for many years. Experts recommend PRP treatment to people who have hair loss problems and thinning or thinning of their hair. Thanks to the PRP treatment, which has recently been applied in Turkey, very important effects on hair regeneration have been observed.

Hair Phototherapy

It is medically approved in the EU, EFTA, Americas and other parts of the world and is used in male and female androgenetic alopecia and in the treatment of baldness in general.

In the first clinical practice at the University of British Columbia, in a 36-week study, it was observed that shedding stopped at a rate of 96.7% and hair growth started in 66.1%.

Its function is as follows: This power, which provides the secretion of the growth factor, which is active in the development and repair of the bones in the body, also activates the growth factor in the hair follicles in the hair with a similar system.

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