What are the 10 things we should do to prepare our skin for winter?

1-Moisturize your skin

First of all, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to ensure moisture stability. The moisture stability of the body can be maintained with moisturizers suitable for the face and body. Oily creams for very dry skin of the face and body; For oily and acne-prone skin, water-based creams should be preferred.

Since the legs and arms are more prone to dryness, oily creams should be used in these areas. Moisturizing creams preferably contain glycerin, petrolatum, ceramide, argan oil, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.

These moisturizers should be applied to damp skin twice a day, frequently and preferably after bathing, in cold weather to prevent dryness. They provide day-long hydration while helping to repair the skin barrier.

2-Apply for moisture vaccination

If your dryness does not go away with moisturizers or if you want the effect of moisturizers to be fast, you can have a moisture vaccine containing hyaluronic acid.

This application can be done by dermatologists in one or several sessions with small injections with mesotherapy technique into the lower layer of the skin at intervals of a few cm.

Hyaluronic acid is given directly by injections under the skin. Thus, the direct moisturizing and skin rejuvenating effect of hyaluronic acid on the skin begins without waiting for the moisturizing creams to be absorbed from the skin.

Thanks to the water-holding property of hyaluronic acid, the moisture level of the skin increases. In these applications, vitamin cocktails and salmon DNA, which provide radiance, tightening and rejuvenation to the skin together with hyaluronic acid, can also be applied preferably.

3- Remove dead cells from your skin

Dead skin cells on the skin surface can be removed, preferably faster and more effectively, with the chemical peeling process containing fruit acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid.

It can be applied by dermatologists as more active high doses of these acids are used. Skins made with chemical peeling system remain healthier and more vibrant and do not need other skin rejuvenation processes.

At the same time, skin care that includes different cleansing gels, creams and masks suitable for everyone’s skin type is an effective way to eliminate spots, blackheads and acne on our face.

4- Fight this kind of war on acne that increases in winter

In winter, the incidence of skin disorders also increases. Wind, low humidity, polluted air and being in closed environments cause acne breakouts to increase.

In cold and humid weather, our skin’s ability to hold water decreases and the restorative outer layer of the skin is affected by this, causing bacteria to multiply on our face. This leads to an increase in acne.

In order to prevent this, we should wash our face regularly with a softer skin cleanser in winter and at the same time maintain the moisture stability of our skin with a heavier moisturizer.

Especially low-acid foaming cleansers and ceramide-containing moisturizers should be preferred.

5-Continue to use sunscreen cream

Not using sunscreen cream in winter after the summer months have passed negatively affects our skin health.

Unlike the sunscreen used in summer, those with a slightly lower defense factor may be preferred in winter.

However, it still needs to be moisturizing and have an SPF of at least 30 and above. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside.

Because there is a time required for the cream to be effective. If you spend a long time outside, then the process of driving in the middle of two hours should be repeated.

Take 6-vitamin D supplements

Our most valuable and most economical source of vitamin D is the sun. Walking for 15-20 minutes on a sunny day meets the daily vitamin D requirement. However, in the winter months, we may experience vitamin D deficiency because the effect of the sun is less.

We should adjust our nutrition system accordingly and consume more especially salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, milk and dairy products and eggs.

In vitamin D deficiency, our immunity weakens and accordingly, wrinkles increase in our skin.

Hair loss is experienced, weakness occurs in the nails. Therefore, it may be necessary to use vitamin D support under the supervision of a doctor during the winter months.

7-Do vitamin care against hair dryness and loss

Just like our skin, our hair dries out and hardens under the influence of cold and dry weather. The body of these drying hairs is damaged and the hair becomes fluffy, cannot be combed and over time begins to spill.

In order to prepare the damaged hair in the summer for cold and dry weather, it is necessary to provide moisture stability. For this reason, hair creams and moisturizing hair masks should definitely be used in winter.

In addition, natural hair shampoos containing almond oil, argan oil, hyaluronic acid ceramide, panthenol and vitamin E should be preferred.

In addition, hair PRP processes and vitamin mixtures containing biotin, which is an effective vitamin for hair, can be applied with hair mesotherapy technique to provide a rapid effect on hair loss.

These applications are determined by dermatology specialists in the form of special sessions according to the hair loss and hair health of the person.

8-Do not skip hand and foot care

In winter, both skin and hand-foot care are valuable. In particular, our hands are the earliest aging area with the effect of detergent, sunlight, wind and cold.

Hand creams contain glycerin, petrolatum, lanolin, urea and ceramide, and if these creams are used regularly, the skin barrier becomes stronger.

Our hands become stronger against external factors. Hand soaps should be chosen as oily or creamy to prevent dryness.

In winter, the feet are always in the shoes, and therefore our feet dry out and cracks begin to form on the heels.

If we take care of our feet in the winter months, we can have more well-groomed feet in the summer months.

Massage moisturizing pomades containing salicylic acid and urea onto heels and feet. If you can’t find the time, you can also do this application at night while you sleep.

9-Use lip moisturizer

Lips, like our skin, dry out with the cold weather, not being able to maintain their moisture stability. Dry lips can crack and bleed, which creates a feeling of pain and tightness in the lips.

We can protect our lips from drying and cracking with protective moisturizing creams. It is very valuable to moisturize the lips with moisturizers containing sunscreen, especially when going out.

If lip dryness cannot be eliminated with moisturizers, then moisture vaccination may be preferred.

10-Quit smoking

More blackheads and acne appear on the skin of smokers.

Wrinkles appear at a much younger age, just as it causes vascular occlusion, and our face looks paler and duller.

The pores open even more and our skin hangs down by real thinning. Wrinkles around the lips are also very characteristic in smokers.

In addition, the toxic elements contained in cigarettes stop hair growth and over time, hair loss occurs.

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