What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?

• Mesotherapy is one of the effective and valuable treatment systems for hair loss.

• Mesotherapy: It is a microinjection method applied in minimal doses to the middle layer of the scalp (dermis / hypodermis) with a very fine-tipped needle.

• The dermis layer is the functional layer of the skin. With the injection made here, the vitamins, minerals, oligoelements and circulation regulators that the hair follicle needs for nourishment are given directly to the target tissue.

• In other words, mesotherapy is not an alternative medicine method, it is an alternative to FDA-approved pharmacological products.
It is a process of oral administration and is purely medical.

• The purpose is to stimulate cell metabolism and regain tissue vitality through a purely local process.

• Mesotherapy can be performed regardless of age or gender.

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy:

• Local / regional application

• Direct delivery to the target tissue

• In addition to stopping shedding, all hair looks more lively and shiny.

• Less systemic side effects

• Giving the drugs used in small doses

• Effective use of the drug

• Administering the medicine personally by the physician

• Long mid-sessions and low number of sessions

• High result quality

• Lower costs

Hair mesotherapy is a three-effect method.

1. The first effect of mesotherapy is to stop hair loss. Male or female, whatever the reason, the disorder that occurs is nutrition and circulation disorders. Since hair mesotherapy corrects the nutrition and circulation disorder directly for the purpose, it stops the shedding at a very high rate.

2. The second effect of hair mesotherapy is to improve hair quality. It is possible for the hairs that do not die on the scalp, but remain like baby hair, or thin hair that sticks together and flies into thick hair. In this direction, this effect is a valuable reference for many people who aim for the vitality and shine of the hair without shedding or dulling.

3. The third effect is to remove the hair cells from the vegetative life. It stimulates hair cells that cannot produce hair despite maintaining their vitality. With this function, even areas that appear to be balding can be activated.

• In hair loss, shrinkage of the hair follicle, acceleration in the life cycle of the hair and shortening of the growth phase (anagen phase) of the hair are the issues of the word.

• Hair root is strengthened with scalp mesotherapy. While the regeneration process is prolonged, the shedding process and size decreases.

• Hair mesotherapy is a very valuable formula in the prevention and control of shedding.

Sessions in Hair Mesotherapy:

• Even in a single session, the person benefits.

• The number of sessions is done once a week.

• In very heavy spills, sessions can be done 2 times a week.

• Mesotherapy, a few sessions every 2-3 weeks is sufficient for individuals who want more vibrant and shiny hair without shedding.

• 10 sessions are enough for the first heavy cure.

• Subsequent mesotherapy sessions; Especially for men, hair is protected with maintenance treatments once every 1-2 months.

• In women, if there is a disease that causes shedding, maintenance treatments after mesotherapy together with its treatment are sufficient 3-4 times a year.

Supplementary Treatments for Mesotherapy:

• Additional ways (such as radiofrequency, hair laser, etc.) can be applied for reinforcement purposes together with mesotherapy sessions.

• External applications such as shampoo, tonic, oil can be recommended as an addition.

• A prescription can be made for patients deemed necessary.

• The use of a drug is necessary, especially in androgenetic hair loss in men.

• Drug treatments are more effective in men whose hair loss has started recently (5 years), and in men who do not have frontal baldness and full baldness. Drug treatment should be done strictly with the offer of a physician and with drugs approved by official authorities.

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