What is collagen vaccine?

Collagen is a valuable protein found in skin, connective tissue, joints, bone tissue, hair, nails, teeth and tendons. The purpose of collagen is to provide reinforcement to these structures and help them stay flexible. As in all these structures, the synthesis of collagen decreases as we age in our skin. Undesirable effects such as loss of elasticity, loosening and sagging are seen in the skin with decreased collagen. In short, our skin ages and loses its old quality. Therefore, ‘Collagen vaccine’ has been added to mesotherapy applications in recent years, and it has a valuable place in the middle of anti-aging applications.

Collagen injections are injected under the skin with 3-4 mm needles after the area to be applied is anesthetized for about 20 minutes. The process can be applied to all required areas (face, neck, décolleté, hands, chest, abdomen, inner leg, kneecaps, inner arm). The session intervals of this process, which is applied approximately 3-4 sessions, are 2 weeks on average. The full effect begins to be seen 4 weeks after the sessions are over. The skin tightens, its elasticity increases, sagging and fine wrinkles are reduced. If this protocol is repeated every year according to the patient’s request, a much better improvement in skin quality is observed over the years and skin aging is significantly reduced. In older patients, the number of sessions can be increased, and treatment can be applied up to 5-8 sessions; because the collagen levels in the skin of elderly patients are lower and the loss of elasticity is higher. In young patients, 2-3 sessions can be applied per year for precautionary purposes.

Collagen can also be taken in powder form with nutritional support artifacts. After its use in powder form in the middle of 3-6 months, it can also be continued with tablet form. Foods containing collagen can also be consumed. Nutrition and nutritional support products not only reinforce the skin, but also other tissues in the body that need collagen. Especially women should take collagen supplements during and after the menopause period.

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