What is Dermapen? How is Dermapen treatment applied?

Dermapen is a system that prevents skin aging, reduces fine wrinkles, and makes the skin look more well-groomed and lively.

How is Dermapen Applied?

Prp, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy solutions and spot lightening drugs are applied to the skin with Dermapen. In hair loss, drugs used in this area and prp dermapen formula are applied to the scalp.

Before the Dermapen application, the make-up on the skin is removed and the skin is disinfected.

Vibrating needling technique is used in Dermapen application. A different head is used for each patient. More than one microchannel is opened to the defected area. These microchannels activate the wound healing process in our body and stimulate the formation of collagen. With this technique, the absorption rate of the artifacts applied to the skin is accelerated and the effect of the treatment increases.

Where is Dermapen Applied?

-Crow’s feet,
-Bags under the eyes,
-Acne scars,
-Blemish & blackheads,
– Skin pores,
-To the scalp
-Can be applied to the neck part.

How Many Sessions Does Dermapen Application Take?

In Dermapen treatment; Approximately 6-8 sessions are recommended. Session intervals change in the middle of 2-4 weeks and should be applied by a specialist dermatologist.

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