What is dermaroller/dermapen application?

Dermaroller is a cylindrical medical device with approximately 100-500 needles on it. The length of the needles can vary between 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm and should be selected according to the skin area to be used and the treatment to be performed. It is suitable for personal use in terms of hygiene.

The logic of the procedure is to create micro-wounds in millimeters at thousands of points on the skin and initiate restructuring in this region. With the Dermaroller application, blood circulation increases, the proteins we call cytokines and growth factors are released from the tissues. The channels opened with the process are closed ex officio in about 30 minutes. In this process, we can increase the skin permeability by 200 times by applying the products that we want the skin to absorb heavily (PRP, mesotherapy works, etc.) as masks.

Dermapen, on the other hand, are devices in pen form, whose logic of use is similar to dermaroller, but more professional, suitable for doctor use.

After the application, punctate hemorrhages on the skin, mild redness and edema are observed. These findings disappear within a maximum of 2 days, even in the deepest applications.

In what situations is it used?

hair loss treatment

Tightening large pores

Anti-aging treatment

Mesotherapy applications

Acne and scar treatment

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