What is hair botox?

If we remember what Botox is and its working mechanism, it is an FDA-approved drug obtained from a bacterium called Botulinum and has been used in various treatments in the medical field for more than 20 years with the aim of relaxing the muscles. When this toxin is injected into the dermis, it functions to stretch and open, interrupting nerve conduction. In this form, it provides treatment related to the complained bet.

In our daily life, we lose 50-100 hairs from our male and female hair strands. Hair loss The patients who need treatment are those who are over 100 and have started to have cavities on the scalp, and patients with symptoms such as thinning hair and growth problems. In these patients, some controls should be made to see if there is any metabolic disorder, hormone, vitamin deficiency or elevation. There are many procedures we currently use in the treatment of hair loss. We benefit from many techniques such as hair botox, grp, hair mesotherapy, oral vitamin complexes, hormone treatments, derma roller.

A 2-year study was conducted in male patients aged between 18-65 years of age in the United States, and it was revealed that botox injected into the middle of the muscle on the scalp can be used in male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia). With Botox injection, relaxation is created in the muscles of the vein walls in the scalp. In this way, blood circulation and natural oxygenation of this region are provided. In this way, it is possible to transfer the things they need to the cells at a very high rate. Even if the patient needs other treatments, we need the surrounding tissues to have a high oxygen level in order to increase the absorption of the blood or the drugs given.

The most valuable responsible for hair loss is the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Oxygen hinders this transformation. The more oxygen there is in the circulation, the more testosterone is converted into estradiol, not DHT at that level. Thus, another system that causes hair loss is broken. Botox makes a valuable contribution to this process as it relaxes the vessels and increases the free circulation of oxygen.”

2. What is spider web aesthetics?

In the press about spider web aesthetics, Dr. One of the most common phrases you can hear from Nihat Dik is that it is possible to become 10 years younger in 30 minutes. With the effect of aging, skin structure, decrease in water consumption, tension and sun factors, sagging that occurs especially in the cheek midline and chin area, and the wrinkles that we frequently see on the lip edges, cheeks and lateral sides of the chin, and the linear wrinkles seen in the length are noticed during the process in terms of looseness. The expected effect is to have a tense, bright, young face and neck with its effect on edema and with the tissue materials that the edema recedes and gathers around the threads in a few days. “It is a non-surgical facelift procedure that makes the skin appear brighter, more vibrant and in shape with the increase in collagen production around the medical threads placed under the skin.” In this process, non-allergic PDO surgical threads are used to restore the areas that have lost their elasticity. Before the application, the face is anesthetized with the help of local anesthetic cream, and 60-150 threads are placed under the skin in a way to form a cage, depending on the patient’s condition.

Thanks to this process, which is entered under the skin at a minimal level, more reliable results are obtained at a more affordable price compared to very heavy preparation and long-lasting open surgeries, and these results last for about 2 years. Its effect can be extended for 2-4 years with additional procedures and systematic physician follow-up. At the same time, it takes much less time for the patient to return to daily activities after the process.

Mild swelling and bruising on the patient’s skin is normal after the application, but this will naturally disappear after a short while. During the 20-day period after the application, it is necessary to avoid activities that will put pressure on the face area, such as rubbing, scratching in a harsh form, and harmony on the face.

3. What is the youth vaccine?

The most valuable difference between youth and aging is the decrease in materials such as collagen and elastin in the skin. Necessary amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and liquids, supplement the production of these materials, likewise, regress due to a slowdown in production and deterioration. Moreover, many factors such as smoking, stress, heavy contact with the sun, pregnancy, chemicals in the working area or damaged air space that may be harmful to the skin pose a risk for this situation. The aim, which can be applied to every patient from the age of 20 and developed with different formulas, is to give the skin the main elements necessary for the skin to have a more baby-like bright, and wrinkle-free appearance. Of these, grp, hyaluronic acid, salmon DNA, various amino acids, and vitamins, which we call the most important youth vaccine, are the whole of the treatments that we determine according to the needs of the patient, their single or multiple applications.

GRP, as a bloody mask or vampire mask, is a top technology of the prp process, and activators of the plasma (PRP) we obtain by centrifuging 10 cc of blood taken from the person who does not have some blood-related diseases (hemophilia, coagulation problems, cancer, ..) for all age groups. It is a way that provides more effective treatment with the help of We prefer Grp for many reasons such as sagging, wrinkled areas, acne scars, skin spots, crack treatment, hair loss. It is a painless process with the effect of local anesthesia applied to the skin. Since there is no additive in the injection, it does not pose an allergic reaction risk. The frequency of the treatment is considered in the middle of 3-6 sessions, and the frequency and number of sessions are determined according to the needs of the person.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the body’s most valuable building blocks and is quickly found everywhere, from blood vessels to internal organs, through the skin to the joints. Hyaluronic acid is the main structural aspect of connective tissue. It is found mostly in baby skin. That’s why we call vibrant, hydrated, shiny skin “skin like a baby”. Hyaluronic acid forms the cell matrix that gives vitality, brightness, moisture, tone, and tension to the skin. The aging process in the skin accelerates due to the decrease in hyaluronic acid starting from the age of 25 – 30. With the decrease of hyaluronic acid, the skin begins to lose its vitality, brightness and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is a pure element. It is useful not to mix chemicals and synthetics or foreign matter here. Pure hyaluronic acid to be given externally increases the skin’s defense system and regresses the aging process. After the first application of the vaccine, the second and third doses are given on the 15th and 21st days, it is appropriate to repeat the vaccine at the end of 6 months. At the end of 6 months, there is no return, the healthy appearance continues, but it is useful to repeat it in terms of the continuity of its effect.

Salmon DNA, on the other hand, is one of the main sources of polyonucleotides needed in the production pathways that decrease with aging and external factors in human skin. When Salmon DNA, which is obtained from the milk of salmon and has a chemical structure identical to human DNA, is injected into the skin by the mesolift method, the high rate of water retention of DNA underlies the self-renewal of the skin. helps to provide It should not be forgotten that moisturizing the skin is the first and easiest step in preventing wrinkles. Salmon DNA is injected under the skin with the help of very small, thin needles, together with the factors that increase microcirculation and oxygenation.

There is no need for anesthesia as it is a painless process. After 15-20 minutes of application, the person can continue his daily life. Session intervals are adjusted according to the person’s skin age and structure. This is usually once or twice a month. In the next step, the sessions decrease to one in three months. Applications made every 15 days to patients whose skin is very aged and wrinkled give much smoother results. As long as the application protocol is adhered to and the treatment is performed, the patient will notice the change and revitalization of the skin. The first noticeable effect is vitality and brightness. Then the tension of the skin begins to increase.

Youth vaccination is one of the sine qua non of facial rejuvenation treatments. In treatments such as spider web or hanger, they are the primary support processes that extend the tension effect and life of the threads on the skin.

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