What is hair mesotherapy? How often is this practice done?

Hair Mesotherapy is an effective system in which various vitamins, minerals and hair-removing drugs are given under the skin in the shedding area.
It is applied to prevent hair loss in hair loss.

In which type of hair loss is hair mesotherapy used?

Ringworms such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis

Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic male pattern hair loss)

Diffuse Alopecia (hair loss mostly seen in women)

And hair mesotherapy can be used for hair loss due to all other reasons.

Hair mesotherapy is very useful in hair loss in women. It is applied in sessions in seasonal hair loss, especially in the puerperal period when the hair is shed heavily.

How often is this practice done?

Depending on the need of the hair, the applications, which are started once a week, should be continued with a total of 6 to 10 sessions with 2-week and monthly periods.

What types of drugs are used in hair mesotherapy?

In this system, a cocktail consisting of vitamins, blood circulation regulators, elastin, collagen triggers and keratin structural elements is injected with a very fine-tipped mesotherapy needle.

What is the technique applied in the application? Is it painful?

It is a formula applied all over the world to prevent hair loss. The drug mixtures selected in accordance with the purpose are administered locally in small doses into the skin. The drug, which reaches the capillary tips in the middle layer of the skin, shows its effect quickly. Since the needles are thin-tipped, they do not cause any discomfort that will disturb the person.

When can I see the results obtained with mesotherapy?

After 6 to 10 sessions, the hair loss stops completely.

Is hair mesotherapy superior to other treatment systems?

The superiority of this technique over other classical drug treatments; is the topical use of drugs in small doses. The risk of side effects is so low that it can be considered insignificant and the results are effective.

Is hair mesotherapy effective alone?

Studies have shown that in addition to treatments for the causes of hair loss, hair mesotherapy accelerates the treatment.

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