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What is hair mesotherapy? To whom does it apply?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied to the middle layer of the skin. Hair Mesotherapy is the treatment of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. that the hair needs. It is injecting into the scalp with very fine needles. Hair Mesotherapy is based on the direct administration of vitamins, antioxidants and drugs that increase blood circulation to the hair follicles by means of 2 or 4 mm special needles and an injector.

Mesotherapy is an additional formula to optimize and control shedding. The results are pleasing and permanent. Mesotherapy is a medical technique that gives useful artifacts directly around the relevant tissues. Injections are made into the skin in small doses. This injection into the dermis stimulates cellular metabolism and prepares a suitable place to rejuvenate the tissues.
The person’s own existing hair will have a healthier appearance. Depending on the need of the hair, one or two sessions can be applied a week. After 6 to 10 sessions, the hair loss stops completely.

Hair Mesotherapy can be successfully applied to both women and men.
Hair loss that benefits from mesotherapy; tension-related, seasonal, metabolic hair loss and sudden post-pregnancy hair loss. Mesotherapy is useful especially in “androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss)” where a shrinkage is observed in the hair follicle and shortening is detected in the “anagen phase”, which is the formation and growth phase of the hair.

In hormonal and genetic hair loss, this method can be preferred as a supplementary treatment. The content of the mixture used in the mesotherapy application can be arranged according to the needs of the person.

By eliminating the deficiencies necessary for hair growth, fuller, voluminous and shiny hair is obtained. Since the missing points in mesotherapy are given directly to the hair root in small doses, the risk of side effects is quite low and negligible, and the effect is achieved in a very short time.

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