What is hair mesotherapy?

It is the process of applying the vitamins needed by the hair to the hair follicles by microinjection procedure.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Effect Occur?
It is a treatment that can be applied to the scalp in certain periods to stop hair loss, increase the quality of existing hair and activate new hair growth.
It is a method applied all over the world to prevent hair loss. The drug mixtures selected in accordance with the purpose are given locally in small doses with special needles and a special technique.
The drug, which reaches the capillary ends in the middle layer of the skin, shows its effect quickly.
The superiority of this system over other classical drug treatments; local use of drugs in small doses, there is no risk of side effects, and the results are fast and effective.

In those who have hair mesotherapy, we see thickening of the hair and an increase in its volume.

What are the session intervals in Hair Mesotherapy?
It is done in weekly, fifteen-day, monthly periods. On average, 8-10 sessions are required.

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