What is hair phototherapy?

Electro Tricho Genesis (ETG): It is a term used to prevent hair loss with electrostimulation and to regain lost hair.

Pulsed electrostatic field; It is medically approved in the EU, EFTA, Americas and other parts of the world and is used in male and female androgenetic alopecia and in the treatment of baldness in general.

In the first clinical practice at the University of British Columbia, in a 36-week study, it was observed that shedding stopped at a rate of 96.7% and hair growth started in 66.1%.

Its function is as follows: This power, which provides the secretion of the growth factor, which is active in the development and repair of the bones in the body, also activates the growth factor in the hair follicles in the hair with a similar system.

This procedure affects the hair metabolism by facilitating the passage of elements such as intracellular and intracellular calcium and magnesium that increase the growth factors in the scalp, thus preventing hair loss and restoring the hair.

The reliability of the treatment is extremely high. So much so that when we talk on a mobile phone for 1 minute, we are under the influence of a magnetic field less than 1 in 50,000 of the power we are exposed to, and therefore there are no side effects.

The most valuable advantage of the treatment is that it is painless.

Indications (Conditions with Positive Effects)

  • Reduces androgenetic alopecia (hair loss)
  • Reduces alopecia areata
  • Anagen eflivum (cancer chemotherapy)
  • Strengthens hair health after hair transplantation

Contraindications (Contradictory Situations)

  • Should not be used during pregnancy
  • It should not be used in people with cardiac pacemakers.
  • Those with metal prosthesis in the skull

Application of Hair Phototherapy Treatment

  • The treatment is applied as 1 session per week. Session duration is 12 minutes.
  • Within 6 to 12 weeks, the patient responds positively to treatment

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