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What is Hip Aesthetics?

  • What is Hip Aesthetics?

In the form of excess or lack of tissue in the hips at an early age; In advanced ages, there are problems in the form of sagging skin tissue with its deficiency.
lack of tissue; Filling elements can be removed with fat injections or silicone prosthesis surgeries. The method to be applied is decided according to the body structure and expectations of the person.
In fat injection, the patient’s own fat is taken and injected into the missing area. When appropriate technique is used, 75-80% of the injected oil is preserved. It is a method with a long permanence and high reliability with the prestige of being from one’s own texture. The process is done by entering through 3-4mm holes. The lack of an incision site is another advantage.
Ready-made fillers (hydrophilic gel) are an advantageous method due to their ease of application and the fact that they do not require general anesthesia. In this method, 3-4 mm incisions are made and the filling is given to the missing area. However, its disadvantage is that its permanence changes around 4-5 years.
In cases where tissue deficiency is corrected with silicone implants, silicones are placed under the muscle. 5-6 cm incisions made from the line in the middle of both hips are used.
After surgery or the process, patients can take a bath on the 3rd day. Care should be taken when sitting and getting up with a deadline of 1 week and 10 days. Walking can be done from the 3rd week. Heavy workouts are allowed from the 6th week.

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