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What is Liposuction Process (Fat Removal)?

What is Liposuction Process (Fat Removal)?

The surgical process, also commonly known as liposuction, is the fat removal process. In this application; The excess fat from the oily part of the body is removed by vacuum and surgically. This way reduces the fullness of fat stores in any part of the body. In this way, it helps the person to look much more liked physically. However, this application is not a weight loss procedure.

What Those Who Want to Have Liposuction Process Need to Know

The liposuction process does not give a one-to-one performance to every individual. The most suitable individuals for the liposuction process; Although they are normal or slightly above the usual weight, they are people who have regional adiposity problems. The fat masses that have accumulated locally in these individuals can visually disturb the person. This method can be easily recommended to people with ailments.

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Whether male or female, genetic reasons or hormonal conditions; It can cause fats to accumulate in different areas. Previously, the bulking of fat deposits may not be very disturbing, but the gradual growth of this volume can cause an undesirable appearance and shaping in the person. These fat stores; It can be controlled by diet or training. However, it is very difficult to get rid of the fat stored around the abdomen in men, especially in the abdomen and hips in women.

Liposuction is the most effective procedure for reducing fat deposits, especially in the areas listed above in women and men.

Emotions After Liposuction Process

In individuals after the liposuction process; a more aesthetic and weaker appearance is obtained. But it should be reminded again that; The liposuction process is by no means a slimming method, it is a shaping process by removing excess fat from the body.

This application; It is a method used to remove excess fat deposits in the neck, under the chin, breasts, arms and legs. After the application, excess skin occurs due to the removal of excess fat. In this case, it is desired that the elasticity of the skin be at a proper level in order to obtain a smooth appearance. To achieve this, thigh or hip stretching processes are applied by removing the skin.

Liposuction Cellulite Relation

It is a very effective procedure, especially in the treatment of cellulite, which women complain about. Thanks to this application, adhesions under the skin and caused by cellulite are removed in this way.


During the application, sedation is applied with drugs that provide relief to the finite parts of the person. Thus, local anesthesia is sufficient. However, as the area planned to be studied expands, the probability of switching to general anesthesia increases.

Surgical Procedure

In order to increase the success of the surgical process, the parts that disturb the patient’s comfort and the locally accumulated fat deposits are marked with drawings while the patient is standing. Depending on the suitability of the process to be performed, general or local anesthesia is performed. Then, specially prepared liquid is injected into the marked parts. In this form, anesthetic pain, adrenaline and reduction of bleeding are controlled. In addition to these, it provides convenience in the vacuum process as it creates pressure in the injected part.

In accordance with the drawings made, an incision is made at least 2 points and 1 cm in length for each region. Fat deposits are reached with a special bangle. A negative pressure unit is connected to the back of the bangs. With the effect of negative pressure, the oils can be taken to the desired extent with the holes at the tip of the bangs.

When the process is completed, the incisions are stitched with one suture and a special corset is put on. The purpose of dressing the special corset is to reduce bleeding and leaks, as well as to prevent possible edema.


Patients who have undergone general anesthesia are kept under surveillance for an average of 4 hours. They are then sent to their homes.

After the surgery; Getting up and moving early is very helpful for the person to beautify more quickly and properly.

The resulting pain is generally controlled by oral painkillers. If the pain is very severe, a small injection may be required.

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