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What’s Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy; It is a medical practice that controls or treats through micro-injections applied locally to their location in the body. It consists of the Latin words “meso = middle” and “therapy = treatment” and means “medium skin treatment”.

Not all the measures taken by the drugs taken orally or by injections into the muscle or vein can reach the relevant organ. Because, during the absorption of drugs, they are excreted without being partially absorbed. Therefore, the effect of the drug taken remains finite. In addition, since drugs taken systemically can spread to the whole body through the blood, they are not related to the disease, but they will also affect other organs or tissues that may be affected by that drug, and undesirable side effects may occur.
Mesotherapy, on the other hand, will solve the problem without causing any side effects, with only small microinjections to the troubled area. Mesotherapy is a procedure applied using very thin and short needle tips. The pain felt is quite less in parallel with the size of the needles. However, after the application area is disinfected, it can be anesthetized with local anesthetic sprays and the loss of all sensation can be achieved. Since the absorption of drugs from here is very low in mesotherapy, there is almost no drug transfer to the systemic circulation. The number of injections made; It varies depending on the patient, the disease, and the anatomy of the area where the injection will be made. Technically, mesotherapy, which is used in the treatment of regional slimming and cellulite, is the administration of circulation-regulating, fat-melting, and fat-carrying drugs and reasonable vitamins under the skin, into the mesoderm, with very fine needles.

Areas of Use in Dermatology:

Hair loss
body cracks
Facial rejuvenation (Facelift)
Mesotherapy session intervals should be at least 1 week. The dose of the drug injected in one session should not exceed 10 ccs. Side effects that occur in mesotherapy are mostly seen if the session interval or dosage is not paid attention to.
What is Facial Mesotherapy (Mezolifting=Facelift)?
Facial mesotherapy is aimed at eliminating the signs of aging (wrinkles, lifelessness, stains) on the facial skin. The drugs used here consist of vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients that participate in DNA synthesis. With the participation of these drugs in skin metabolism, cell regeneration and collagen synthesis are stimulated. In this way, more lively, bright, and tense wrinkles are alleviated, and skin emerges.

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