What is mesotherapy? Are there any side effects on the body?

What is Mesotherapy?

In the treatment of diseases, mesotherapy is the application of a therapeutic drug through micro injections to the area where the problem is experienced. The word mesotherapy can be translated into Turkish as ‘middle skin treatment’.

Since drugs taken orally, given to the body by blood or muscle, spread throughout the body, their activity decreases when they reach the desired area, and they can cause side effects in other body parts. During mesotherapy, various drugs, drug mixtures or vitamins and minerals are injected into the area of ​​the complaint with the help of 4-6 mm needles. In this form, it is aimed to increase the effect by only attempting the area to be treated.

How is Mesotherapy Done?

The problem area is disinfected. Local anesthetic cream can be applied depending on the situation. Drugs are injected with the help of thin and short-tipped injectors. The number of injections made varies according to the disease and the region. Since the absorption from the applied area will be very low, the transition to the systemic circulation is almost non-existent.

The number of sessions to be applied and the session intervals vary depending on the patient, the disease and the complaint.

Which drugs are given to the body in mesotherapy?

The drugs and mixtures used are prepared completely according to the disease. For example, solutions used in the treatment of cellulite contain fat-dissolving, circulation-enhancing and tissue-renewing aspects. You can find detailed information about the content of the mixtures used in cosmetic applications under the main headings of ‘Medical Aesthetics’ and ‘Hair Loss’ on our website.

Are There Any Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has no known significant side effects. The most important side effect that may occur in treatment is an allergic reaction, and the probability of an allergic reaction is very low in attempts made by carefully questioning the patient’s medical history under the supervision of a physician.

Due to the increased blood flow in the application area, discontinuous redness may occur, especially in the face area. This situation is called ‘flushing’, it passes within minutes and has nothing to do with allergy.

Rarely, a discontinuous increase in complaints can be observed in mesotherapy, which is used in pain treatments. This is called the ‘adverse effect’. It usually occurs in the first session, improves within 3-5 days and does not recur in other sessions.

There may be slight bruising in the application area due to the entry of the needle. This situation is completely temporary.

To Whom Mesotherapy Is Not Applied?

For pregnant and lactating women

Those with a known allergic reaction to the ingredients to be used

Those who have cancer or infection in the application area

For those with bleeding coagulation disorders

Mesotherapy is not applied.

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