What is mesotherapy? For what purpose is it used?

Mesotherapy is a treatment procedure applied to the middle layer of the skin with thin and small needles. The drugs used also vary according to the intended use. It is used in aesthetics as well as for medical purposes. Its basic principle is to eliminate a localized problem in a faster and more active manner without affecting the whole body, without tiring it. Therefore, the application is only intended for the relevant region.

It can be used in all parts of the body, especially in the face, neck, décolleté, hands and feet, to remove and delay the signs of aging, as it is successfully used for aesthetic purposes, slimming, cellulite and hair (baldness) treatments.

It is applied in sessions, with very thin needles of 4-8mm length, at 1-2 cm intervals to the relevant area. If necessary, topical anesthetic creams can also be used beforehand. The depth of injection varies according to the drugs used and the purpose.

With the right patient selection, real drug combinations and correct application, aesthetic meso is a very successful and satisfying choice.

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